Postmark on French printable stamps

Hello postcrossers,

I have a question regarding the postmarks from France. Specifically, I am referring to rectangular-shaped stamps that are printed from the La Poste website. Not the violet Marianne stamps. I have seen some posts/pics on forum from 2021 indicating that these printed stamps were being cancelled, but I have also seen 1 recent stamp without any cancellation mark and one of my recipients also claimed to have received a postcard without cancellation. I am wondering if these instances are isolated or if it is a common occurrence.

I understand that the cancellation mark is important to many postcrossers as it adds an element of authenticity to the postcard, so I am considering stopping the use of printed stamps if they are not being cancelled and switching to regular ones.

If anyone has received postcards with these printed stamps from France in the past year or so, could you please let me know if they were cancelled or not? Photos are welcome too. Thank you in advance.

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