Posting cards during lockdown

Hi there fellow Postcrossers. How do you overcome posting cards during lockdown? I am in Cape Town, South Africa and the Postal service has been very bad. Basically non-existent.
Please let me know if you had better success.
Warm SA hugs


Hi Nazlie, I didn’t post anything whilst we were in lockdown but this year I haven’t had a problem. Our postal system in the UK is working well. My brother-in-law is a Postman and he has been working throughout.


For several months, I did not post any cards. When things opened back up, I restarted mailing again. Also, I ramped up my trades in the Forum

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Thank you for responding so swiftly. I havent really been active on the Forum, but will now that the postal service is not working

South Africa had an already terrible postal service and lockdown just made it worse. I suspended my membership as it was futile to try

From Langebaan.

I have 2 “old” expired cards - 1 sent in March to Brazil and 1 sent in December last year to Japan. The others have been sent and delivered between one and two months (except China, which took much longer, one took six months) . The rest have recently expired, but I must admit that I sent them a lot later than when I got the addresses. When I could send a new round, I did it on the same day so I can see how long it takes now.

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Wow that is much quicker than mine. Then again, a lot has changed since pandemic started and I work from home. I dont use the same Post Office anymore. Will try again . Thanks for responding.

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