Posted three postcards on the same day - All expired!

I’ve just had three postcards expire, all posted on the same day.

What happened to them? I can’t believe they all got lost on the way, so can only assume the problem happened when they were picked up and never went into the postal system.

It’s annoying when postcards expire, but three on the same day. Makes you wonder about other expired postcards?

Anyone else had the same sort of issue?

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I have two cards that were sent the same day and will expire in about ten days. I check the other member’s profile to see when they were last seen on Postcrossing. Some members don’t come back for one reason or another so they may have received the card but not registered it.

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I had 3 cards that were sent on the same day. They all expired, but eventually were delivered before the year time limit, and were registered. One took 97 days, a second was delivered in 102 days and the last one took 119 days, so they all got registered and count as official cards. So be patient, and hopefully they will eventually get delivered. So far I only have one card that is outstanding right now at 176 days. But just like normal mail, it does unfortunately get lost.

3 on the same day does sound like an issue local to you. Not sure you can do anything about it though…

I’m sure I can’t do anything about it, just wanted to see what experiences other people have had.


I have had a postcard registered after 300 days, so I’ve not lost all hope, it was the fact that three cards posted on the same day have all gone missing. I’ve checked and all the users have been logging on and I know one of the countries usually takes about week to arrive, so maybe they will arrive when someone finds them in the sorting office.

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Last year around Christmas I posted some cards in one mailbox - they all expired. I think there was a postal problem with the mailbox…


I have the same situation as you. Today, I have three cards expired.:sob:

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Yes. March 16, 2021. Two official cards, one swap and several pieces of personal mail, including 3 postcards and a couple of letters.
I put it down to a post office pandemic breakout … either that, or the mail is hiding in a corner of the distribution centre with a case of wine. Maybe the mail will move once the case is empty?


I think it could be the combination of pandemic and Christmas. I have currently 8 postcards going to Russia and USA and they have all been travelling for over a month. So I guess mail to those countries became extra slow again :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Aurelia
I hope mine does not expire :smiley:
Just browsing thru the topic and find you by accident
Did send you a card yesterday

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I sent three yesterday, which I expect to be slow because of Christmas, but hopefully they will arrive.

I’m wondering if these postcards have fallen down the back of the sofa, and will suddenly be registered when the postman checks for lost mail down there and they make their way across the world.


With the three that have just expired, I now have six expired cards. But I have had expired cards registered before, so :crossed_fingers: they might eventually arrive.

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Just checking: You have used Royal Mail stamps and not Universal Mail stamps, correct?

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Yes, Royal Mail stamps.

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I had something similar in October. I sent 6 letters the same day. All to US. And none arrived so far. Sometimes I think they are sitting around somewhere and wait for whatever until they want to travel to their destination. Letters I sent in November to the same people all arrived already…

I put the postcards not into the same post Box if i send more than one. I offen had These Problem. Since i not put them to the same Post Box Problem is gone. Some times a post worker trough a complete post Box filling away. Or on post Box last year burned near my house. Or some kids put fish and Chips into it and the post in the Box was not usable any more. Things like that sometimes happen


One of the expired postcards arrived after 88 days, travelling 1155 miles.

I wonder if the other ones might still arrive?



Another of the lost postcards has arrived after 97 days, travelling 5915 miles.

I also received a postcard that took 73 days to arrive from 150 miles away!

Looks there are a lot of postcards out there still to be delivered.