Postcrossing's PO box mail 📬

we are so glad the card from Norfolk Island arrived and we have sent you one from christmas Island and the cocos islands too. so that’s one from each external territory of Australia (or at least the ones that are inhabited)

thanks for all the fun :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Aaaaaand… once I start, it’s addictive and I cannot stop :slight_smile: You guys are all so kind and heartwarming, and our hearts are filled to the brim!

In this batch, we have mail from people visiting our town and postcards from places we’ve recently visited! As well as more fun meetings, exotic islands, from old Postcrossing friends getting together to support each other, from anniversary celebrations and from office desks decorated with postcards! :heart_eyes:


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I’m trying to take pictures of (most of) the mail I haven’t yet photographed from last year… but it was a lot, so I had to lay it on the floor while standing on a stool to catch it all:

We hold every postcard in our hands and read them on the way home from the PO box, but I also enjoy seeing them all together — like a mosaic of love. :heart_eyes:

Since these are mostly from the last few months of 2023, there’s a lot of World Postcard Day mail and Christmas wishes… but also postcards from trips to exotic places, funny sketches, cute stickers and rubberstamps, amazing stamps and cancellation marks, and so, so many kind words and heartwarming testimonials about Postcrossing! THANK YOU!

To the anonymous person who sent us a passport for the Wild Atlantic Way: it was a delight to discover this, and we’re planning to go there and do it someday!


It’s nice to see that all of the meetup cards and postcards from my trips arrived safely, a “mosaic of love” is a great way to describe them all spread out!


Another batch of magical mail from last year! I’m trying to do a better job archiving and thanking you for these postcards as they come… but we’ll see how it goes. :sweat_smile:

In this batch, there are a lot of seasons’ greetings, a funky kind of collage with gift tags, a postcard from Nepal, one from French Polynesia, and another from the Cocos Islands (the person withdrew the first ID from there!), beautiful calligraphy, Diwali postcards, a heartfelt letter… and so much love and kind words about Postcrossing! :green_heart:


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And here’s one last batch, to close 2023! :slight_smile:

There are lots of meetup cards, a card from Robin Hood’s hometown, people collecting heart-shaped things in nature, exquisite stamps, lenticular cards, happy holiday wishes, people who met through an official card and then became friends… a bundle of joy! :heart_eyes:


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Yay, I see both of my cards from the Rochester MN meetups (June and December) - happy to know they made it!


Here I am, with another batch of lovely mail from the past few weeks!

There’s so much nice stuff here! Some meeting cards, nice rubberstamp art, cards from our favorite Parabadminton athlete, from tiny countries and islands lost in the big oceans and Burkina Faso (!), cards with really touching testimonials, amazing stamps, music recommendations, first day cancellations, and so much kindness that it makes our hearts overflow :heart_eyes: THANK YOU, everyone!


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I am glad my hand-carved eraser stamp mini zine #3 and #4 with my handmade cards safely arrived to you, Ana. Hope you enjoyed them all :slight_smile:

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Here I am, postwoman Ana reporting for duty with last week’s mail! :saluting_face:

Now that I’ve emptied the box, there’s not so much to show… but it feels good to be caught up! In this batch, there’s meetup postcards and from visits to postal terminals, shiny stamps and cards with really kind words about Postcrossing! :heart_eyes: Amazing!


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Time for another dispatch from the mailbox! Here’s the mail that made its way to us this week:

There’s delicious postcards and shiny postcards, with beautiful stamps and very kind messages and Easter wishes! And also, a postcard from the “Official Center of the World ®”… which is apparently in California, USA! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And last but not least, a postcard from a postcrosser who’s a member of the Navajo tribe, who kindly let us know the Navajo word for hello. Thank you so much, we’ve added it to the website! :slight_smile:


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Another week, another trip to the PO box:

Not a lot to report this week, but all of these are extra nice! :heart_eyes: It’s like Spring has arrived, with its light and colors and seasonal festivities to cheer up our days!

Thank you @AsSr, @ClaudiaFarani @Monicalovesmail and @MailboxIngrid! :heart:


:tulip::tulip::tulip: You’re very welcome :two_hearts::smiling_face:

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It was a pleasure to do so! :blush:

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Hi everyone! Here I am, fresh from emptying the PO box, and happy to share what we got this week! :slight_smile: This time we’re doing it outdoors, because the weather is just beautiful!

There are a lot of interesting things here! :heart_eyes:

We always receive meetup postcards, naturally, but this week we got one featuring Bum, San Diego’s official town dog (!!), one from Manaus, and one from Montclair for the year of the Dragon! @Angelthepup22 mentions we could put this one together with a previous postcard we received to make a complete image, so we went fishing in the box for the other card, and behold!

So cool!

Also, look at these amazing stamps on the card from Brazil! What a nice throwback to our childhood, @Luziaceleste — we grew up reading Mafaldinha!

Also from Brazil, check out this beautiful stampsheet that @JonasArbo sent us! Just… wow.

Claire from New York sent us this Eric Carle postcard to say thank you for Postcrossing, and I’ve just given my niece the book where this illustration comes from, so that feels extra serendipitous:

As always, @lyo sends us beautiful postcards, so exquisitely decorated and written so carefully that it’s a joy to see them pop on the mailbox.:heart_eyes:

Our friend Mário is a serious philatelist™ and sends us commemorative postcards now and then — like this one for the 75th anniversary of NATO, with a special stamp.

And last but not least, @Gypsypost from New Zealand sent us a beautiful postcard featuring a picture of herself! She designs her own postcards, and this one had a stamp from Scott Base on Ross Island — how cool is that? I don’t think we had ever seen one of those before.

And that’s all for this week! Thank you everyone for turning our PO box into something that brings us so much joy every week. :yellow_heart: We really appreciate it!


I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! The Year of the Dragon meetup cards were designed by @ohhsayy so that they’d fit together nicely. There were meetups 2 weekends in a row in Montclair and San Francisco, California and some people attended both so making them for the same theme was fun!


Such an honor to be featured here amongst such beautiful designs and other great fellow postcrossers!! :pray:t5::sparkles::raised_hands:t5:


Another week, another little batch of postcards from the mailbox!

It feels like all kinds of different shaped postcards landed here this week — big cards, earth and heart-shaped… even cow-shaped!!

How cool is that! :heart_eyes:

This week, we had a nice little batch of meeting cards (which make us happy, because it means people are getting together and making friends), postcards about languages, amazing mailart and gorgeous stamps that cover the entire back of the postcards, postcards featuring local exhibitions, postcards just to say hi, to say thank you or to wish us a happy Maslenitsa, postcards celebrating special Postcrossingversaries and one from a place we’ll visit in less than a month! Also, postcards from the recent solar eclipse (so jealous!), postcards with the back so full of stickers that there’s barely any space free and postcards from rainy days… all of them lovely and treasured.

Thank you everyone, for taking the time to fill our mailbox with so much joy! :green_heart:

Poking bit

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Oh yay!! Thank you so much, Postcrossing Team, for all that you do. This community has made my world so much brighter. :white_heart::sparkles::rainbow:


Wow! Six days to get from Canada to Portugal. Must have been strong tail winds over the Atlantic. :wink: