Postcrossing with fifth graders in The Netherlands! *Project closed*

FINAL UPDATE April 20, 2023

Hi everyone,

thank you for the patience!! Everyone finished there postcards. Tomorrow I will go to the postoffice to send them.

Update April 4, 2023

The postcards are looking amazing. The children are drawing their own designs on the postcard, but a lot of the children have been ill unfortunately. I want to send all the cards at the same time, so sorry for waiting!!

Update 23 march, 2023

The children are done writing (we have 5 children who are ill, their cards will be send later). The next thing to do is decorating their cards!

Update 17 March, 2023

I gave a lesson about writing postcards in English and how to write an address. Tomorrow, the children will write their story on the postcards. They were so excited to hear that they will send those postcards to real people! I am not sure they will finish their card this week. I will update you all through this process.

Update 13 March, 2023:
Hello everyone, I would love to tell you all that I have received everyones address informations. Tomorrow I am starting with this project and I am very excited. I will update you all and hope to show the end result. Everything is ready!!! :smiley:

Hi everyone, I just got a confirmation from the principal. This means everyone can send the postcards! I am so excited to start this project. I already received some. Thank you again!!** :smile:

Hello everyone!

I am Tugce, 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I am currently studying to become a primary teacher. I am doing an internship in the fifth grade (10-11 year old).

I am working on a serie of lessons about postcards with my class. In 3 weeks, I hope to start my first lesson, I will take some cards and we will look at the cards together, I will tell the children where the mail goes when we put our cards in the mailbox. This will also be a lesson about how to put the address on the card, how to write a text etc.

During the second lesson I will make postcards with the children, the children will make beautiful drawings on the cards and we will send these cards together to your adresses. Now the question is: Who is interested in exchanging postcards with the children from my class.

I am excited to embark on a new project with the fifth grade, and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to share it with you all.
In this project, we will be teaching the students English phrases that they can use in their daily lives. These phrases are simple yet effective and can help them communicate better. The students will then use these phrases to write short messages on the postcards, which they will send to people from different parts of the world.

This project aims to help the students broaden their horizons and connect with people from different cultures. It’s an excellent way for them to learn about different customs and traditions and appreciate diversity. Additionally, it will help them improve their writing skills, creativity, and critical thinking.

To make this project a success, we need your help. We are looking for around 40 addresses from different parts of the world, so each student can send a card. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please feel free to send me a private message, and I will provide you with all the necessary information.
I am excited to see how this project will turn out, and I am confident that it will be an enriching experience for everyone involved. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon.

The cards still have to be made, the cards will probably be sent in the week of 13 march.

When the time comes I will send the address to everyone who wants to participate so that the cards arrive about the same time.

Kind regards Tugce


Hi, pm sent.

Would love to participate

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I would also like to join

Pm sent

Would love to join!

I’d love to join :slight_smile:

Hi Daniela,
I have sent a pm!

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Hi @mayritasea I have sent a pm!

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Hi @Lispenard_Street I have sent a pm!

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I sent you a pm


Hi! I would like to participate. PM sent.

Hi! I would like to participate in your project :relaxed:

Hello! I want to send and receive a postcard to the guys!


I would love to participate! I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

PM sent from Australia

I sent you a message!

Sending you a PM.

I’m definitely interested in exchanging cards with you and your students!