Postcrossing Stamp For New Zealand 2024

New Zealand Post have scheduled a August issue for a New Zealand Postcrossing stamp.


Really cool!

I hope they got proper clearance from Postcrossing to make such a stamp!

That’s so cool!!

How exciting!

That’s great. I’d also be really interested in the May releases - Split Enz!

How cool! I am very jealous.

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I was surprised to see that issue too. That issue might be one to buy a few stamps to put away for later. New Zealand Post only keep the issue available for purchase for one year. After that the issue is removed from their website.

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NZ Post are in ongoing consultation with Postcrossing.


Has there been any update on this Postcrossing stamp release?

Not yet. I would expect images to be online in July. A month before the issue. It might just be the one stamp value which could be $3.60. I’m not sure if NZ Post will release a Postcrossing stamp in all itsdifferent values of stamps.

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Thank you so much @barryoc. I’ll check back on their website in July. I’m wondering if I can coordinate a small jump across the puddle to coincide with the release. :crossed_fingers:t2::+1:t2:

If you do that, you may receive a few swap requests!

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There would be very few Post Shops that will stock a physical copy of the stamp. Maybe one or two post shops in Auckland and Wellington. Our Post Shops have gradually been closing around the country and the remaining ones focus on bill payments and the stamp stock supply is very limited and often limited to definitive issues.


Oh wow. That’s disappointing. Maybe I’ll buy online and then use them when I come over. I was thinking of heading to Auckland, and finding a nice parkrun to do. So it can be any time really. Thank you for the heads-up though. It’d be sad to be unprepared and end up there with nothing to show for it!

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I’ll post on the forum when more information gets released. New Zealand Post do sometimes cancel proposed stamp issues. Still it’s worth coming over to Auckland anytime.


Thank you very much!

Just saw these posted in the Postcrossing Discord, both the stamp and the maxicard are so nice - and you can pre-order them now! How I wish I was still in NZ!


To be issued on the 7th August.
So cute!!


They’re available to preorder here…

I’ve ordered some of the maxicards and a sheet of the stamps…with just the cheapest postage (to me) and it says delivery is expected around 26th August (to Canberra)…just fyi…if you’re trying to get an order to coincide with a visit across the ditch.

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