Postcrossing reviewed/featured on AirlineReporter travel site

Hey, all.

In honor of world postcard day I’ve written a post about postcards and their historic link to travel on the popular airline, travel, and aviation site My story includes images of postcards and stamps received from the Postcrossing community as well as a review of this awesome service. We’ll be giving away a few aviation-themed cards to celebrate #WorldPostcardDay as well.

Happy Postcrossing!


Cool!! Enjoyed reading.

The link to your userprofile works only for postcrossers that are logged in. At the moment.

To make it public you can change a setting so persons who are not logged in can have a look as well. They can then see userprofile and wall of sent received cards.
But you might already aware of this.

Thank you. I had forgotten about that setting. I’ll adjust it now. Appreciate the insight!

Wow what an enjoyable read.

As an aviation enthusiast myself and a follower of aviation bloggers on various websites and YouTube.
I try an collect Airline Ad cards, but they are becoming harder and harder to find. On occasions when I write postcards back to myself I will send an aviation postcard with details of the flight(s) flown on, or in my younger days, get the flight crew to sign a postcard of the flight.

For anyone.
If your ever in London or passing through Heathrow Airport, there is an aviation shop to the north of the airport (which over looks runway 27R/09L), they have shoe boxes full of Airliner Postcards ranging in price from £0.25 to £1.00.
They have lots of British Airways Retrojet postcards.
One of the owners Stephen, a really nice guy to talk too, very welcoming.

I look forward to seeing some of your sent aviation postcards, many to add to my wall of favourites.