Postcrossing Question

Is it possible to figure out where your next postcard is from before it gets to you? I know that the website says to be patient, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else out there had found a loop hole! lol I am always very excited to get any postcard and its so hard to wait to see where they come from. Thanks so much!

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No, it is random and it could come from anywhere.

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The answer is short and simple: No.

Nevertheless, welcome to Postcrossing! Have fun!

Well, there is a larger chance for certain countries like Germany, the USA or Russia, but all in all it’s completely random.

It is completely rwndom and that is the beauty of this site :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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nope, no loophole. if there was i wouldn’t like to know about it though. i love coming home and find some random postcards, always a surprise where they come from.
though i do get that at the beginning you probably wanna know how long it’s gonna take. postcrossing is mostly a big game of being patient.

if you do wanna know where your cards are coming from (and what kind of cards you send/receive) you are always welcome to join the tags on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


You could take part in this Informed Delivery thingy where you can receive scans of the mail on the way to you? I’m not sure, it doesn’t seem to be many days in advance. They talk about it here:

I wouldn’t want to know where the cards are coming from. What would be the fun in that?


No matter how long I think about it, I don’t see the point, why one should (want to) know, what is coming one’s way in advance.

Okay, one might then be happy and excited about a super card that is coming (or from a country one really wants a card from) - and what, if it then does NOT arrive after all??? Mega disappointment! :anguished:

Or one is unhappy about what is coming one’s way even days before!!!

When the snailmail is in your mailbox it is soon enough to know!


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Interestingly, that’s the main reason why I do so few tags, I don’t like to know where the next card is coming from, or from whom :smiley: Sometimes it is nice for a change, but the randomness and surprise is a big part of why I am here.

(though lately I got tired of a few things about Postcrossing too but I think I just need to focus on something else for a while and return with renewed enthusiasm :smiley: )


I can tell you MY point: Since a few years we’re having a postman (woman, to be exactly) who is…well…I think reading is not one of her great skills. From time to time I got reminders why I didn’t answer to this document or why I didn’t pay that bill (not every bill comes with the product or via e-mail). But - I couldn’t remember having received it or I couldn’t find it on my desk. At first of course I thought it was my fault but then it happened also to my husband or to neighbors.
I sent a request to Deutsche Post but never got a clear answer. Well, in between we had another postman and everything went well again. But then…since about one or two years it started again. And I also get mail for my neighbors, also for people living in other streets and even towns and vice-versa. Sometimes I realize that some mail never reached me. So for me it’s a good point to figure out if the announced mail will reach me or not. So far every announced letter or card reached me and the number of wrong delivered mail drops.

For me it’s also no disappointment because I cannot see the picture side of a card.

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Boah, what a terrible fate with such a postman/postwoman! I guess I am blessed with my postie!

Also: I did not refer to “business” or other official mail (magistrate, council,…), when I wrote I didn’t want to know.

Obviously I am obsessed with private “Edelpost” (= mail, that is not advertisments or junk mail with your addy on it.).

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yes it’s the same for me. i don’t do tags very often. mostly when i requested a few addressed and they all want cards i don’t really like myself (like touristcards and they show no interest in decoration or anything). so i just wanna send a cute cat card and put my cat tape and my cat stickers. for example.

and sometimes i’m tired of postcrossing but i take a break every summer when i’m working a lot so every september i’m very excited to start writing again.