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I am a One year plus postcrosser and YouTuber called That Dad Guy. I am going to be attending my first Meet Up next week and will be making a video on the experience. What sort of things should I bring to a meet up? This is also my first post in the Forum section. so be kind :wink: Just a joke as I know the community is great and helpful


Hi @rlennox!
It’s great that you can attend to your first meetup! In my opinion, just bring joy and smile :blush:
No, actually, I have only attended to one meetup so far, it was in Lithuania and most of the participants were speaking Russian as the organizer was a Russian. However, even if I could not understand of course, some sentences were translated, and I could speak to a Lithuanian postcrosser who spoke English well, and I really enjoy! We just had to bring one random postcard, and at the end, we all wrote one message on the postcard we brought, placed them face down on the table, shuffled them, and each left with a small souvenir.
That’s it, but I have no idea of how other meetups work!


Thank You so much for your experience

mostly people at meetup are signing cards and talking to each other. If you have possibility then print out addresses to people you want to send cards, i find it hard to actually write stuff on the meetups, its easier when the preparations are done. Also is you are writing cards after people are signed them, reserve space for it with a post-it ore something like that.

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If you have one, definitely bring a rubber stamp of your nickname or stickers of your nickname.

Also, it makes it much easier for you to have your cards prepared so they only need to be stamped/signed by everyone else!

Have a good time, everyone! :smiley:


That is a great idea to reserve space with a post it note. Thank you

Oh yes I have a stamp with my That Dad Guy YouTube logo… I can’t imagine signing all the cards by hand

In this topic you find a lot of information about Meetups:

Meetups are great, I wish you a lot of fun! :smiley: