Postcrossing on the Opasquia Times!

Meaghan (aka @mcbuchanan) reached out to let us know she gave an interview to her local newspaper (the Opasquia Times) about Postcrossing! How cool is that?!

Check it out:

Well done Meaghan! :tada:


Oohhh, nice! :slight_smile: Thanks Ana (@meiadeleite)!

Backstory–there’d been a CBC/Radio-Canada interview with a few Manitoban postcrossers almost a year ago. The guy who is now the editor of the Opasquia Times is an acquaintance of mine, and he kept threatening to do a write up after he saw it…and now he did. He said that we needed some good news in the paper every so often, not just COVID this and emergency closing that.

and BTW, I like how if you tag someone they get an email about it!


Hi Meaghan

if the other one mentions you like this

@mcbuchanan you should be notified, so this is a test too :wink:


… and of cause great article :wink: