Postcrossing on Italian newspapers in April 2023

At least two Italian newspapers have written about Postcrossing in the last few days:

  • the national daily La Republica published an article in its online edition. Unfortunately, it is only available to subscribers, so I couldn’t read it;
  • a local newspaper from the Marche region published a short article that explains what :postcrossing: is and how it works. You can find it here.

Amazing! Are the authors of these articles postcrossers?

I don’t believe the author of the Repubblica article is a postcrosser. I have never heard of her.
The latter article is not signed.

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Almost 70 people from Italy have joined Postcrossing since 13 April, when La Repubblica wrote about us! :tada:
That’s not as many as we got after the interview they published in 2017, but it’s still a good result for Italy. :heart_eyes: