Postcrossing Meet Up Card Exhibit at Library in Bordentown, New Jersey USA

To honor World Postcard Day 2022, I created an exhibit of Postcrossing Meet-up cards at the Bordentown Library located in Bordentown New Jersey USA. This public library is in central New Jersey, just south of the state capital, Trenton.

This exhibit has 65 postcards from 31 different countries. Each of the 31 country postcards were numbered so viewers can learn where the postcard came from. This directory is located on the center row, far right hand side. The numbered postcards are scattered throughout the exhibit gives the viewers a “seek and find” activity while viewing the postcards.

Over 100 postcards arrived for me. All of the postcards were mailed to me either through Postcrossing or other postcard groups I am involved in. This exhibit was made possible due to the generosity of others. I am deeply grateful for their contributions.

For the past several years, I have done a postcard exhibit at the library for the month of October. 2022 was the first year my exhibit focused only on Postcrossing meet-up cards. Additionally, I will be hosting my first meet-up at the Library on 8 Oct 2022.

The Postcrossing meet-up card for the Bordentown New Jersey meet-up is visible in exhibit – it’s on the center row, left hand side. Thomas Paine, Father of the American Revolution and author of Common Sense, is the image for the meet-up card. Paine resided in Bordentown, New Jersey USA from 1778 to 1787. This is the longest residences of his life. The only place in the world where Paine purchased property is in Bordentown. This statue is situated near where his horse, Buttons, used to graze.

This exhibit will be on display from 1 to 31 Oct 2022.

A collection of Postcrossing meet-up cards for a 2023 exhibit has begun. Thus, I am open to swap the Bordentown New Jersey USA meet-up card for meet-up cards from other countries. Kindly message me.

Postcrossing certainly does connect individuals from around the world. I am very happy I am part of this group.


Great work Barbara!

I can see the postcard which I sent … DIWALI MEET-UP (no 13) on the display.

So glad you found your postcard! Thank you for your contribution. Let me know when you receive my meet-up card.

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Thank you! It was a joy to create this display with all the Postcrossing love from across the globe.

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This is so cool!!!


I can see mine too — so exciting! It’s the one being posted into the postbox in the middle of the display. Yay :grinning:!

So happy you found your postcard! Thank you again for your help with creating this display. Always, Barbara