Postcrossing magic in action


I haven’t received any postcards for a long time. Every day I looked into the mailbox with hope, but it always turned out to be empty. I haven’t received hurrays for a long time too.
And I decided to try to “move” events. I took two addresses that the site allowed me to use (usually I wait until there are about five of them).
I decided that if I move them, then everything else will move from a dead center.
And can you imagine - today I received 11 postcards, including three from my first direct swap here! :heartpulse:

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever noticed or use the magic of postcrossing? :slight_smile:


I did get 3 cards in a bunch this week - 2 from Russia & one from Belarus, so I get the sense that mail is being stalled somewhere & then comes in bunches, particularly for Russia & Belarus.

Glad yours arrived - enjoy!

Lots of cool Postcrossing stories here:


Agree with you.
Thanks for the link :slight_smile: