Postcrossing in travel mode - request/print before I go

I’m planning a trip to a country in South America that has few Postcrossers, so I thought I would send postcards from that country since they are somewhat rare. I read on the forum that addresses cannot be requested/printed while I am still in the US, I have to do it in Peru. I won’t be able to print out addresses in Peru! Is there a way to request only addresses with a Roman alphabet, meaning no Cyrillic alphabets, Chinese or Japanese? I don’t want to leave that part of the world out, but I print those addresses because I can’t write them. I won’t be able to print them, so any addresses drawn would not get a postcard.

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You always can use the latin adress,
If there is a script other than latin. (There’s always one in latin and in Cyrillic/chinese/… )

Or you can ask at your hotel or where you stay, if you can print out the adress.

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Welcome to our Commmunity @thought_ful
Every address you draw is written in Latin/Roman letters and possibly additionally in a different font.
But you can always choose the Latin version and write it by hand on the card.

This is against the rules - you have to send a card to every address you draw. Always!


I think you can write those addresses in Roman way also - I haven’t seen any address on official pc without English version. It’s always here.
it’s totally ok and as for me, I’ll always prefer handwritten in Roman more than printed in Russian :slight_smile:

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I can send a card, from the US when I return. It is kind of lame to get a US postcard.

… … and some recipients will be disappointed when they receive a card with an ID from Peru that is sent from the USA.

But as I wrote you can write every address in Latin by hand.

Don’t worry about Japanese address. Just use Roman alphabet. Japanese post is very reliable.

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It’s not great, but if it’s the only solution then be it…
However, in this case there are other solutions as expressed above.

I don’t own a printer at all so it is possible to just use Latin characters, I don’t think this should be a worry! :wink:


Not all postcrossers from Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan etc. provide their address in kyrillic, with Chinese or Japanese characters etc. and the cards addressed with Latin characters arrive as well.
So you don’t need a printer at all, just use the addresses with Latin characters as mentioned above more than once.


Like other have said, you can always write the address in latin characters. I always use the latin version and my postcards arrive with no problems. So don’t worry about it and enjoy your trip!

It would be so great to receive a Postcard from Peru. So i’ll be very happy, if you take my adress with you.
What Cards do you like for return?

I wish you a wonderful trip! In June I’ll travel to Fuerteventura ;), it’s not sooo great, but I’m looking forward for it. Let me know if you would like a Postcard, too.

Take Care of you