Postcrossing in Anguilla

If you’re going to the beautiful little island of Anguilla, here are a few tips for Postcrossing while you’re there! It’s not the easiest place to Postcross…

There is only one post office, it closes pretty early (14:00), but the staff is helpful and friendly. The postal rates are not ridiculously expensive (unlike everything else on the island). They vary, depending on the location you’re sending to. Best of all, there aren’t any countries that the Anguilla post office is incapable or unwilling to send to.

Now, for the bad! It’s almost impossible to find postcards to buy. I found two places. The first was “Irie Life” where there was only one design and it was an odd size. The second was the “Sea Spray Boutique”, where the owner has a small stock of cards that survived Hurricane Irma in 2017. Get them while she still has them, she told me that her supplier is no longer around. Otherwise, I looked around in every supermarket and souvenir shop I crossed paths with, no luck. I brought some cards for my series swapping friends and had extras to send randomly, so if you don’t mind sending those kinds of cards, it might be a good idea.

Sending “Travel Mode” cards wasn’t easy. If you do decide to do this, let the administrators know beforehand. The hotels and restaurants didn’t have local WiFi servers. I didn’t have the time to contact Postcrossing while I was there, so unfortunately I didn’t send any officials from Anguilla.


Thanks for the report! I think a lot of smaller countries and/or those that are “rare” in the Postcrossing community, probably have a number of issues, including having locally-available postcards. For both PNG and Mongolia I brought some extras purchased online, just in case I needed them. I did for PNG as they would have completely run out of stock if I had bought all that I needed there (and I would have been short to complete commitments) but Mongolia had tons of postcards everywhere (just not WHS ones, which was disappointing).

I also had an issue with Travel Mode while transiting through the Philippines - I bought cards and stamps, but couldn’t access any local Wi-Fi so in the end didn’t use it. However it’s possible I may go through there again within the next year so hopefully I can use the stamps and cards I bought this past summer.