Postcrossing Buddy

After reading more and more the same questions on the forum I thought it could ne a nice idea to create a Postcrossing Buddy project.

This is what I had in mind
Some more expericened Postcrossers can volunteer to become postcrossing buddies. When a new member joyns, a buddy is randomly assigned to this member. The buddy then sends a mail to the new member introducing themselves and offers to be available for any questions or other info about Postcrossing.

Maybe this would make new members feel more welcome.

It could maybe also be made optional for the new member by ticking would you like being helped taking your first postcrossing steps with a budy so people who know about this through friends or who rejoyn won’t be botherd by this.

Looking forward to hearing your Oppinion


Wow, great idea! /gen

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This is a wonderful idea, I was thinking of that myself, a buddy system would have been so welcomed when I joined, There was a member that took me under her wing, but I initiated it and just kept asking questions I am sure she was so happy when I figured it out myself. However I am still learning but would welcome to be part of a welcoming/ buddy project….

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Yeah, great idea. I had @Feuerstuhl for this :smiley: She was at one point a bit annoyed of me … Because I was not so fond of the new forum and liked the older one better :rofl: When there was the Sandbox tryout I was drowning in work… So @Feuerstuhl helped me to get used to the new forum:) :green_heart::sun_with_face::clinking_glasses:

So I would me available as buddy :smiley: If this project is coming alive, to give some of her nerves and patience back :smiley:


It sounds like a great friendly idea, and I totally support it. But I do not know how difficult it is technically to implement it and whether there are enough postcrossers who are ready to become friends with newcomers.

Great idea! But I think the newbie should be asked if they want such a buddy/guide, for otherwise they could feel strange if someone turns to them unrequested.


I think it sounds wonderful on paper, but I can’t stop wondering how much effort and resources such a project would take:

Who will be responsible of assigning and recruiting buddies? That would be a constant work as people will probably be jumping in and out the project and there are quite many new members joining everyday.

What happens if there aren’t enough buddies available? If the site promises a buddy then it would be a massive let down for the new member to get “sorry, no buddies available right now” message.

How the system will work? Is it implemented on site? Automatic? Are buddies handpicked or do they all get a notification and somebody just picks up the new member there?

How to ensure that the buddies actually can help? Matching languages / countries, activity level, years as Postcrosser…

How to make it clear that the helpers are not actually the Postcrossing team and therefore can not help with certain things?

Not bad idea, just a lot to think about before it could work out. I have been thinking something similar but instead I would like to change the forum’s membership level thingy system so that volunteered people can have some kind of title / symbol next to their username to let others know that they are available to help out and can answer questions. So little bit same, but more on forum based and passive in way that the new members will still have to reach out to the helper members themselves.


This is why I wrote, that this should be optional. For example when registering to the site there could be a button to be klicked if the new member would like to get assigned a buddy

@Kompis-Ninna yes I am aware there are many questions about how to emplimate it. But first step should be to see whether this would find acception. Then if it is decided to do so you can start to figure out the specifics.

For example I thought there could be a few lines coming with the stats to ask if someone would be interested or so.
Then noone can be expected to answer right away. This is a hobby after all so there should be a timeframe in which an answer can be expected. Maybe 24 hours maybe 48 hours.

Noone should be forced to do this. There can always be things in life that prevents you from “buddy duty” and there should be an easy out. Most people however should know changes in advance so they can communicate for example I am starting a new job and won’t be able to help from that date on.

So first I think it needs to be discussed whether this coule be a thing. Then if it will be I am sure something can be implemented.

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… and I certainly would have noticed that, if I had read your posting thorougly Sorry!
Who reading can, is clearly in advantage! (literal translation of a German proverb, in Englush this makes no sense)

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Neat! I think there’d be a few logistical challenges to work out, however, I would LOVE to be someone’s buddy!

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Lovely idea! I’d also love to be a buddy. And one way to help with capacity could be that those who sign up to be buddies could check a box saying whether they want to be buddies to just one or to multiple people. This way, people with more time could account for a possible lack in buddies.

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Could it maybe work as a list of people who are happy to be buddies pinned in a list/directory in the welcome section or something. While many would enjoy having a buddy assigned others might feel daunted/stressed to have contact with someone they don’t know. If the were a post with names and what they could help with maybe that would take any social pressure off those who struggle with that.
For example:
Name 1: I’m happy to help you out with getting used to the forum
Name 2: Let me know if you would like help understanding the forum games
Some people may not want help initially while they checked things out/gained confidedence but would value the chance to reach out when needed.

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I used to run the bingo for new members, and when I stumbled upon newbies, I offered to help them and answer questions and give tips and pointers. Some took that offer up and we exchanged more PMs, but the questions were never many, at least in the new forum. In the old forum, the bingo for new members was a great place to find other newbies, to not feel bad asking simple questions and to learn to navigate the forum together. But in the new forum, it feels a lot more inclusive, the different parts of the forum aren’t as strictly separated anymore, and newlings are encouraged to participate in the community. There are already several places where newbies can ask questions and try things and the community is very welcoming, I’d say. I don’t think this buddy system is necessary. :thinking:

But who knows? Could be a great thing!

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I love the idea!

it would help me a lot to have a buddy to start with. I’m having a hard time finding my way around the forum. this is the third attempt.


If you have any questions about the forum feel free to message me. I am happy to help. I am from Germany as well so there should be no language problems.


Hi there, I am still trying to figure out the forum even though I’ve already done a few posts. I sometimes feel like I’m guessing blindly when it comes to certain things. Would someone be willing to help me out when I have some questions?

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Sure. Just pm me. If I can help I will :slight_smile:

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I like the idea, but my comments are:

  • many logistical questions that I don’t have time to list but many of them have been raised already.
  • Numbers: I think there will always be many more newbies than people available to help.
  • I like the idea of a list, so the newbies could reach out to someone. But I think those helping would need to help with everything, so a one to one buddy, rather than on certain things.
  • I might be contradicting myself here, but I would separate forum help vs website help. I see it is the forum that baffles people and I wouldn’t be able to help much with that as I never learnt the cool stuff, and I find forum technicalities quite boring. But I love to talk about how postcrossing works.
  • It’s great to have help, but would it make people lazy? Literally every answer is out there if you look for it. I was so impressed when I started that everything was laid out so clearly, and any other question was already answered on the forum (I spent several nights just reading the forum). Of course that is tougher if there is a language barrier.
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I did not write how exactly I immagine it could work to not confuse anyone.

What I had in mind was if the Postcrossing team was on board there could be a list of members who are willing to help and when someone signs up and chooses to be helped by a buddy there will be a match. Buddy gets a notification member XY has signed up and would like some Buddy help. So Buddy can get in touch and offer to be there for any questions.

How many users will be assigned to a buddy could be different. It depends on how much time is the buddy willing to spend and how many questions the new member has. There I think one has to learn from experience. I am sure that people are so different. Some might have tons of questions others might ask only one or two questions and there are fine.

I did not really think about forum help when suggesting this. However I notice that many questions are asked about the official postcrossing site such as who long will it take until a card comes back to me, what cards can I send if there is a huge wishlist, do I have to send a card even if the person was not online for a while, where do I see my private messages etc. I see many questions asked over and over again here on the forum. Also maybe not everyone is willing ot use the forum. So there could be some questions about what do you do on the forum etc.
Once on the forum I think there are many help topics here.

I don’t know if it would make people lazy. Some people already don’t read the guidlines and so on. Everyone is different. Some might like to read through the forum, others might not have the time and a quick answer is appreciated.
I just remember when I just started postcrossing I was a bit overwhelmed by all this. I had someone I could ask my questions to.

I also had in mind that a buddy could help with the profile. For example I often see profiles not in english so there could be a hin about that. Others might not feel so comfortabel writing a text in english and they could draft something and the buddy can look over it etc.

So you see I have some things in mind but writing it all down would make my post too expanded and noone would read it so I kept it to the basic idea