Postcrossing blocked me :/

Hello, guys. I used to send lots of postcards since I became a postcrossing member. I sent to forum members and to my postcrossing choosen members. Since I had an expired postcard, wich I sent to Taiwan (really far from Brazil), Postcrossing decided to block me. Is it normal? :frowning:

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Hello @lisawniehues

If you have sent all cards and some of them aren’t registered by the recipients, please Contact us and tell about that.
I’m sure the support can help you.

And have you contact the recipients and asked about your cards?
You can friendly ask them about it.

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Thank you @Bille. I am sad because I don’t know if its a mail problem or not ://

Please contact the member to whom you send the card and ask about it.
But please don’t send the ID, so as not to give the impression that you want the card to be registered even though it has not arrived.

Sometimes it happen that people forgot to register or maybe you forgot the ID and the receiver didn’t know what to do in that case.

And please contact the support.


Hi @lisawniehues, what do you mean by “blocked”?
Unfortunately it’s normal for some postcards to never arrive, so one of your cards not getting registered within 60 or even 365 days is no reason at all to block you.

Can you still draw new addresses, when you have slots open?


Thanks for the food for thought @lauranalanthalasa

After looking at the account, it could also be that @lisawniehues means that her address is no longer going out because she has more received cards than send.

Do you mean that, lisaniehues?


The question is, I received the last 2 postcards this week and Postcrossing blocked me before It. Probably the postcards were alredy traveling when I was blocked.I have 3 postcards traveling and 3 left (but I can’t use it :woman_shrugging:)

That means you are blocked from sending.
Did Postcrossing tell you that it is because of the expired card to Taiwan or do you just assume that?

But anyway, ask the support what you need to do to send cards again.


Hello @lisawniehues! When you just started postcrossing you can only send 5 postcards at a time. So when they are travelling, you have to wait till one is registered before you can send another one. The number of postcard you can send increases over time.

There’s an overview somewhere that shows how many have to be registered to send more.


I don’t think it’s normal that you are blocked if you only have one expired.

So if you try to take an address, you can’t? What does the message say?


She has 3 cards travelling and can send 6 at the moment. So she she’s right if she said that she has 3 cards left to send.



This is the oberview :wink:


@S_Tuulia @Bille Goes to this page. :confused: I contact postcrossing and hope they help me. Thank you a lot, guys. I am ansious to send Christmas cards :heart::pleading_face:


“This Page” I mean the one @itslovelyhoneymoon shared

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Oh sorry.
I forgot to mention how you can get there.
Here you can see how it works:

You are clicking on the left (where you can see your …left postcards). I marked it with a red arrow. By clicking there, you are getting to this overview/list I mentioned above.

I hope that helped. :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem right, and I’d like to know what the reasoning behind it is.

I have three expired cards with no affect - who can determine why a card is not registered since there can be so many reasons for it to happen.

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Well, I am still waiting the answear of the support. I hope my account normalize soon

@lisawniehues did things get sorted out?

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Hello everybody.
yees, now I can send postcards again!! I was so ansious that today I sended all hahaha
Thank you so much to all of you. I don’t know if it was a technical problem but I I suddenly managed to get the remaining addresses.



Hello Everyone,
What is an expired postcard? What does it mean to be blocked?
Thank you,

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