Postcrossing article in 'The Procrastination Paper' (UK)

The Procrastination Paper is a really lovely subscription monthly magazine made by Zabby Allen here in the UK.

In July 2020’s issue ‘Snail Mail’ there was an article about Postcrossing by user Ashwin.

This is actually the article that led me to finding out about Postcrossing - it’s now my favourite new thing!

I think Zabby sends them outside of UK too - if anyone is interested in the magazine you can find it here:


Thanks for sharing this @candyflosscurls - nice article!


I agree, Zabby’s magazine is a fabulous read!
Most importantly, thank you Alys for this - I am so glad it is working for you especially in the pandemic. I think creative outlets like Postcrossing, artforms, languages etc are an amazing way to spend time indoors (worked very well for me at ATLASkeeda)


Whoa… How cool is that?! :heart_eyes: Ashwin, thank you for doing that — it’s brilliant, and I hereby award you with the Ambassador badge on your Postcrossing account. :tada:

@candyflosscurls Welcome aboard, and thank you for letting us know about the Procrastination Paper. It sounds super cool and just what I need these days for some off-screen time — I’m going to check it out!


@meiadeleite Not being greedy here, just wondering if I am missing the Ambassador badge :see_no_evil:
Stay well :slight_smile:


@ATLASkeeda it is showing on your main profile Page, under your profile pic. It’s not a forum badge.

Congratulations! Nice article and thanks for bringing this to our attention.


No, wait — @ATLASkeeda is right, it should be in both the main site and here in the forum… Why is this not working? :thinking:

I’ll poke @paulo to come check this out, since it could be a bug in our integration!


It seems the badges weren’t triggering the respective updates on the forum as fast as we expected and they would only show when the forum session expired, which can take up to 1 week.

After some fiddling with the code, now this should be quicker (although it can still take up 24h, but that’s expected).

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And several months later I wrote a follow-up piece in the most recent issue of The Procrastination Paper to say how glad I am to have found Postcrossing all thanks to reading this article last year :grin: