Postcrossers on TikTok

Do we have any?

I posted my first Postcrossing TikTok today. My username is jlk425

You can watch it here:


My tiktok isn’t dedicated to postcrossing but I did make a video on postcrossing:


That’s great Jess, you might entice me to finally succumb to TikTok, lol - although I have been a Sea Shanty fan for a while now. So nice to hear your voice & match to our convos about postal systems & other things to it.

And I’m relieved & amused by your intricate filing system. :wink: I remember mine visually now by the batches I buy together & they come in little envelopes from Zazzle mostly, but I’m getting to the point soon where I’ll have to break down sort them by topic, lol

I bet some of the younger crew on PC may have done some Tik Tok on PC/postcards - you might contact @mailfromjo as they’ve been organizing with some of the younger PCers for Zoom calls and get them to ask around.

And @meiadeleite might know if this is one of the first or who else may have done one.

Keep up the good work! :purple_heart: That’s a whole other universe to share Postcrossing with!

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You might try posting a link to the video rather than posting the actual video as it’s not registering. I’d love to see it.

Oh I thought I did :confused:
Let me try again


Here are my received cards today!


No, it’s not working for me, I think it may need too much bandwidth from the site, that’s why you see people post links, not actual videos.

If you post the link on the same line as text it should work, rather than on a separate line


Ah I see. Ty



just found others with #postcrossing



Hi, my tiktok about cards and mailart: irra_cards :hugs: