Postcrossers in N.Ireland

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

2 questions really- if you have a meet up is it customary to design a card and have it printed? Does anyone have any tips for that? A recommended service?

Secondly, are there (m)any n.Irish postcrossers (of course everyone else is welcome too) who would be interested in a meet up in Belfast? I don’t think I’ve seen one in the past two years but I may have just missed it. I don’t know if the community is tiny or if in-person meetings are a bridge too far! Any thoughts?


Hi, I live in the Republic of Ireland, in Dundalk (Co Louth). I could go to a Belfast meet up ( if I am not working), it’s not far… :blush: :blush:

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There was a meet-up in Lisburn last August, I sadly missed that too!
I’m always looking for a excuse to visit Northern Ireland, so I’m definitely interested.

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Hi Clare, Hope you are well. Have you checked out the SEARCH function with members Log in for members in Belfast & NI?

There are different time frames you can search but of those active in the last 6 months - there are 17 listed in Belfast & 58 listed in NI and 243 from Ireland which I included because PC folks from both areas seem to attend each other’s event.

John @jr11577 has done a lot of meet up cards, including the last meetup last Aug in Lisborn & I’m sure would be happy to provide some info & support.

Have fun!

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Hi, I have just seen this, I am in Northern Ireland, would love to meet up in Belfast for a meet-up. If I am able to of course.

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Hi @Bunny-Boo @danay4 @Maddymail

Thanks for replying. I got a direct message from Gordon and I hope he won’t mind me sharing his message:

Some meetings get advertised in the “Meetups Calendar” - go to “Explore” on the main page. I don’t add things there but someone in the group sometimes does. Not all meetings get mentioned. The dates for this year are -
March 11th - Limerick
April 15th - Dublin
May 20th - Dublin
June 17th - Armagh
July 15th - Dublin
August 19th - Dublin
September 15th - Galway
October 21st - Dublin
November 18th - Dublin
December 9th - Dublin

They are usually the 3rd Saturday in the month. This is sometimes changed if the 3rd Saturday is near some other special day. Limerick is on the 2nd Saturday since the 3rd Saturday is close to St. Patrick’s Day.

All the Dublin meetings are held in the cafe in Easons, O’Connell Street, near the GPO - usually beginning at about 11am.

The Armagh meeting will be held in the Armagh Museum, probably starting at 11am. We will probably start earlier in a nearby cafe for refreshments. I haven’t sorted out the rest of the day yet.

The Galway meeting we hope to include a visit to the sorting office in Athlone - that would have to be on the Friday before Saturday’s meeting.

At most meetings someone produces at least one special card. People also bring their swaps. They are passed around and you take what you want. It is a good way to get rid of your unwanted cards, or duplicates. There is usually time to visit any postcard shops in the area.

You will be welcome at any of the meetings.

So, no Belfast meeting but Armagh isn’t too far away. I might try to go to that one and if it’s good craic then I might actually organise the Belfast one! :smile:


Okay, which Museum in Armagh? I would guess the County Museum.