Postcrosser: change of address

Hi there!
Sorry for my confusing headline.
I pulled an address over a month ago and mailed the card straight (as usual on the same day).
About two weeks ago this postcrosser changed his address.
I did ask the Postcrossing-Team for help, but sadly didn’t get a reply so far.
I’m worried that my card now is lost.
Of course I could write him a friendly message, but then the surprise is gone.
What should I do?
Best wishes,

How do you know they’ve changed their address?

@Florallle I guess he’s checking the user’s profile to see if the user is active.

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@itslovelyhoneymoon I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. :slight_smile: With the best luck the card is forwarded to the recipient’s new address, and I have understood that nowadays Postcrossing offers an option for an automatic registration if you’re moving to a new address.


I just got the adress as I pulled the profile. And then I clicked on the ID once again.

Here are the results:
the first one had been (or still is?) in North Fremantle
the second one in Spearwood

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exactly (because I’m having more and more cards expired)

Hopefully the user has requested for their mail to be forwarded to their new address. Australia Post offers the option for mail to be forwarded when people move house … it is a paid option though for a set period of time so it depends if the user has opted in to pay for the service … but it is possible.

I recently sent a card and a few days later, not enough time for the card to be received, I received a message from a postcrossing moderator saying the person had a new address and that postcrossing was registering all their cards. I think that person had asked postcrossing to do that because a day later I received a message to that effect from the person. So, I don’t know maybe the recipient has to ask postcrossing to register their cards.
I don’t know what the policy is. But was glad postcrossing did it.

When changing an address, there are two options to choose from. Either to let all incoming cards get registered by Postcrossing in case you are not able to get the cards that may come to you or let them come and register yourself. This assumes that you are able to get the cards or forward them to you…


This happened to me once. I never check the addresses again after I send the card (I check the profiles but not the addresses) but for some reason that time I did.

My card was lost forever. The person had like 12 cards sent and 0 received at some point because clearly she moved as soon as she registered and started sending cards, the postcrossing team contacted her and she said she was trying to recover the cards, but she never did.
That was one of the most frustrating postcrossing experiences for me, in relative terms of course - I know it is a small thing and it’s just a card, but I cannot understand how someone would not wonder about these things when changing address.
(it is the first thing I searched for in the FAQs when I was deciding about signing up: what if I move? I moved at least 3 times since I joined :rofl:).

But if you are lucky, this person still has access to her/his old address somehow (eg. planning to go back to get things; family still living there, things like that) so your card will be registered.


Thank you all for your replies :slight_smile:
@elikoa I don’t think that his family is living there bc he has an Italien background (but maybe he was still born in Australia or even his family immigrated,…)

I found the responses enlightening too, thanks. I never thought to check addresses again after I have sent the card. I have a few that the people seem to have gone missing. Can’t hurt to recheck the address.

This happened to me once when I was new to Postcrossing. There was a card that was travelling for an unusually long time and when I went to check the ID, I noticed the address had been changed and it was set to a different country. I messaged the person and they were kind enough to reply to me, they told me that the address change was a for a short period and they would be returning back to their country and my card would be registered.

Just because nobody has stated the obvious yet: You could also just sent a second card to the new adress. That’s what I did once when I was in the same situation and recognised a change in adress after sending my first card. I didn’t change my uploaded card though so the receiver could decide which card to display.

But as others have pointed out, the user could also be using a service to redirect incoming mail to their new adress for a certain amount of time (at least that’s what I do everytime I move).


Since you’re asked when changing addresses, I assume that the user has mail forwarding in place. I wouldn’t worry. But after the card expires you could send them a message and ask about it.

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I also sent a little birthday present along with the card.

Oh, that’s unfortunate of course… :slightly_frowning_face: