Postcards you never thought you would receive

Hi! I didn’t find any topic about it specifically, so I decided to create this one. Have your ever got any postcard so different or surprising that made you astonished? Maybe a card you never thought would exist or made from an unusual material.

I’ll start! Dragon Age is my favorite video game series and I have some of its merchandise, but I could never found a postcard. One day, someone who is part of the same Facebook group as me told me she found Dragon Age postcards online and sent me a postcard with my favorite character. Apparently, it’s a fanmade design and she found it at RedBubble. :star_struck:

In one of my old profile texts, I said that “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was one of my favorite series at that moment, but I didn’t expect to receive a postcard since it’s not very popular. But then I saw this amazing official postcard in my mailbox. Sender told me she had it for a long time and was just waiting for the right person to send it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How about you?


Well there is a cool thread on postcards made of unusual materials here:

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I’ve seen this one, but this topic is not specifically for unusual material postcards, but for uncommon postcards. The two I posted here are made of paper, nonetheless it was still a surprise receiving them. :wink:


I remember receiving a regular postcard with a piece of sand enclosed in a little bubble. Never thought that was a thing and was quite a good surprise when I received it! :slight_smile:


That’s so nice! I’ve never heard about this type of postcard before.

Most of these happy surprises are I think because I am new, and don’t know what’s out there! Which is nice :slight_smile:

I do have one that comes to mind, a little silly as it was a forum trade, but! I was surprised to see LOTR maxicards, AND she randomly chose to send me my favorite of the bunch :grin:


This postcard is amazing! I’m a LOTR fan as well, but never got any of those maxicards. :heart:

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It was overall a lovely experience with a very sweet postcrosser :blush: I have so many others that were wonderful surprises in my mailbox, though I’m pretty sure overall very common haha

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