Postcards you never thought you would receive

Hi! I didn’t find any topic about it specifically, so I decided to create this one. Have you ever got any postcard so different or surprising that made you astonished? Maybe a card you never thought would exist or made from an unusual material.

I’ll start! Dragon Age is my favorite video game series and I have some of its merchandise, but I could never found a postcard. One day, someone who is part of the same Facebook group as me told me she found Dragon Age postcards online and sent me one with my favorite character. Apparently, it’s a fanmade design and she found it at RedBubble. :star_struck:

In one of my old profile texts, I said that “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was one of my favorite series at that moment, but I didn’t expect to receive a postcard since it’s not very popular. But then I saw this amazing official postcard in my mailbox. Sender told me she had it for a long time and was just waiting for the right person to send it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How about you?


Well there is a cool thread on postcards made of unusual materials here:

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I’ve seen this one, but this topic is not specifically for unusual material postcards, but for uncommon postcards. The two I posted here are made of paper, nonetheless it was still a surprise receiving them. :wink:


I remember receiving a regular postcard with a piece of sand enclosed in a little bubble. Never thought that was a thing and was quite a good surprise when I received it! :slight_smile:


That’s so nice! I’ve never heard about this type of postcard before.

Most of these happy surprises are I think because I am new, and don’t know what’s out there! Which is nice :slight_smile:

I do have one that comes to mind, a little silly as it was a forum trade, but! I was surprised to see LOTR maxicards, AND she randomly chose to send me my favorite of the bunch :grin:


This postcard is amazing! I’m a LOTR fan as well, but never got any of those maxicards. :heart:

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It was overall a lovely experience with a very sweet postcrosser :blush: I have so many others that were wonderful surprises in my mailbox, though I’m pretty sure overall very common haha

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I’m curious to know if anyone else has a type of postcard they have been surprised to receive. I mentioned on my profile I like cats and lions. I’ve been surprised at how many people have lion and cat postcards on hand to send.


A pornographic one. Very awkward when I saw my mailman the next day :weary:


And speaking of sand, here’s an old souvenir postcard from the Utah Salt flats, complete with an attached bag of sand.


Welcome to the Forum Rin!

Many people like animal postcards & so build up a collection of cards to send over time. And cat cards are a big favourite, probably in the top 2 of animal cards.

You’re at the beginning of your Postcrossing journey & you’ll have lots of mostly delightful surprises on here - there’s so many cool kinds of postcards & info about why & how participate in this hobby to discover. Enjoy!

I Had No alcohol in my Profile. So i really Wonder i got a Postcard a man with votka on in. But the man say niet (No in russia) and as i translate the Rest of it IT was a Card against to much alcohol. So funny. So i got that what i Like a bo alcohol card


I’ve received a postcard with sand enclosed in a bubble (or plastic) on front. It was a lighthouse with sand at the foot of it. Sort of like sand art. I got it from the Netherlands. I thought it was so cool.

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I was wanting a postcard from my favorite video game “Fallout”, another roostcrosser who I sent a card that he really wanted and also sort of rare to find was so happy and bought 3 officially licensed fallout cards for me and sent them to me! I was so happy!