Postcards with womans

Hi all postcrossers!
I try look for postcards about girls, womans (not especially retro like 50’s, 60’s etc.) with a little erotic theme. Naked its good too. I mean about where can I buy. I look in all polish e-shops, some russians and little deutsch and netherlands and still don’t see this category. Did you have any sign where can I buy this type of postcards?

Warm greetings from Poland
Damian :slight_smile:

I found erotic postcards on
Give it a try!


You can have a look here:

Poland: House of Postcards

Lithuania: Post - Stone

Amazon DE:
Victorian Boudoir: Wiederentdeckt: Erotische Daguerrotypien
DDR-Nackedeis: Postkartenbuch
Acts /Akte: Postkartenbuch - you can find this one much cheaper, for the normal price, on the editor’s website

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