Postcards to the Front (Canada) [re Ukraine]

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UPDATE May 31, 2023 –
Postcards to the Front (Canada / Канада) has now been live for four weeks. Many thanks to @Damage, who represents Australia’s branch, for helping us get started!
Thank you :pray: to all Canadian and American Postcrossing friends who have written messages of support for Ukrainian defenders. Our first batches landed in Ukraine in under four weeks and are on their way to spread good cheer to the front lines.
And, we are making headlines! Our local community newspaper, The Millbrook Times, featured us in a news article, Local Resident Spearheading Simple Canadian Gesture of Support for Ukraine - The Millbrook Times.

Keep those cards coming! :pray:

If you are wanting to do something [more] to support Defenders of Ukraine, here’s your chance! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:
With much thanks to @Damage :hugs: who founded Postcards to the Front (Australia) earlier this year, we now have Postcards to the Front (Canada).
Here you will find out how and where to send cards that will travel in bulk to Ukraine, where volunteers will hand-deliver them to front line defenders.
Check out the site. PM if you have specific questions.
Thank you for your happy mail support! :bouquet: :postcard:

American Postcrossers :us: : you are welcome to participate! Remember to mention that you are from the United States.

Any other Postcrossers want to set up a branch in your own country? I’m happy to help, as I am certain @Damage will be as well.


Congratulations, Helen on getting the Canada branch set up. I am in Australia and send lots of cards to the Australia branch. It is great to be able to connect with people in Ukraine and help to make their day a little brighter. I hope lots of cards flood into the Canada branch.

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Thank you @Queen_of_the_Hounds. Hoping for a full mailbox soon!
And thanks for your support!


@HookedonPostcards I sent you an envelope with a few cards. So I know how to time mine, do you have a plan of how often you will send a batch of them?

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@catniptea, as I’ve just launched the project, I don’t know yet what the schedule for sending batches to Ukraine is, but my thinking has been that I will send them in batches of about 30 at first, then 50. Hard to say how often, as it depends on the cards that are sent for the project. Ideally, the project mailbox will be swamped and I’ll be sending batches out every day! :wink:
Stay tuned on the site where I’ll be reporting data on cards for the front, as well as outgoing shipment times.



We’re hitting the road again …

When? Saturday, September 23, 2023 – 9am-3pm
What? Eastern Ontario Postcard, Postal History & Ephemera Show
Where? Merrickville, Ontario Community Centre, 106 Read Street, free admission & parking [About 70km south-west of Ottawa; 100km north-east of Kingston]

BONUS Event all day –

Postcards to the Front (Canada / Канада) will have a table, postcards, and writing tools, where you can write messages of support to Front Line Defenders in Ukraine.
Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Let us know you’re a Postcrosser!

Save the date! Join us! We’d love to meet you!

If you can’t make Saturday’s event, we’re holding another postcard-writing event on Sunday, September 24 at the Merrickville Legion (1-3pm), 229 Main Street West, Merrickville, Ontario.

Please share this information …


I have hosted a copy of the latest international newsletter on my Dropbox:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

P.S. I am the new layout editor. Enchantée.


Here is the 3rd issue of the newsletter of the project:


UPDATE :tada:
On April 23, we celebrate one year since since launching Canada branch of Postcards to the Front. Stay tuned for a lottery!