Postcards to and from China

I have sent letters to China, Korea and Japan (and many others) and frequently have a go at writing in the recipients language.

I usually write “Please Do Not Bend” on the envelope in the destination country language.

I haven’t stuck up the courage to write on postcards in another script yet, maybe as my handwritting can be quite big.


I wasn’t suggesting there is anything wrong with handwriting Chinese addresses. It’s great if you want to do it. I was responding to the person who felt like they could/did not want to do that. I was saying it is not an expectation that people do this and that, if you want to use Chinese characters but are uncomfortable writing them, you can always print them.


I like to do the same: confirm before sending anything (usually for a direct swap) that my script is legible for delivery. The responses are always so gracious, even if I think my writing is garbage. :joy:

I want to give credit to the mail carriers in countries with non-Latin alphabets for going above and beyond the scope of their normal work to act as forensic detectives when I mail things. :smiling_face_with_tear: Not once have I been charged with crimes against the Chinese language, although I should be.


I have some cards from English speakers with the most terrible writing. I couldn’t even make put the zip code. Thankfully, people at Indian Post have developed 6th sense for reading the addresses. :rofl: :rofl:

@littlesthobo I think we are on the same page. No one is supposed to write an address in a foreign language, unless they are comfortable writing that script or have a printing system. But, for once, I wish people tried to write, at least with Russian it isn’t that hard.


Well…nope I can’t do it

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I agree it’s not so easy to do if you are not a native speaker.

This is an example of an address in Hindi, more than half a billion can write it, but doesn’t make it easier for a non-native to write. It also makes me realize that while I call Chinese complex, my language isnt’ any simple either. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

मनीष कपागते,
छात्रावास 15, कमरा 12,
पुराना परिसर, ’
अहमदाबाद बिजनेस स्कूल,
वस्त्रपुर 380015,
गुजरात, भारत


It makes me so sad when handfuls at a time get lost and I print those addresses too so it’s in Chinese.

Are there still no adresses going out to China?

I received a card from China this week and it travelled 29 days.

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I sent an official to China on 7th November and it arrived and was registered 27 days later. A few of us have received Chinese addresses through the autumn.


You can use the internet and printer at a public library, maybe they charge a dime to print a document

We have been giving addresses in China since September, but at a slower pace while we gather data on how things are progressing.

Mail from China has been relatively unaffected — the issue we have been following this year is regarding mail to China. We all the updates about this are on this topic.