Postcards to African countries

Hello friends. Since I joined postcrossing there is something that has always bothered me: the impossibility of sending postcards to African countries. I know it’s not postcrossing’s fault and that the postcard monitor is something that brings the bans of each of the countries but I feel very upset about it. Do you know why I can’t send to our African friends? Does this only happen in the post office in Brazil?

I look forward to send and receive postcards to these countries.

If you look through the Postal Monitor - many countries in South America & other parts of the world can’t send to many countries right now. That’s mostly because of the pandemic I suspect & the cancellation of normal routing of mail by plane or other transportation.

It will likely be a while before things get back to normal as the pandemic continues.

It may also be how well some postal systems are funded or how they are able or not to pay for alternate routing which is likely more expensive.

And even if all the mail was open everywhere and as you’ve read elsewhere, there are just not too many Postcrossing members in African countries for a variety of reasons.

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Currently your Post Office is not sending to 159 countries, many of which are in the African continent.

Also when you look at the amount of members in that continent there are relatively few. So they are in the address pool less often than countries with numerous members.

Click on the country name column to sort them by alphabetical order so you can check out how many members are in each of the relevant countries in the African continent. If you wish to see how many members are actually active in those countries go to the Explore/search users page and put in each individual country in Africa and select the box Logged in within one month and see the true amount of active members in each country there.

There aren’t many and so this is also why you don’t get to send to members in Africa because they are not in the address pool very often.

The lack of active members in Africa affects all of our members, not just Brazil.

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Thank you a lot. I will read all It. :heart: I was really upset about this

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