Postcards that make the news

Hello everyone,

I have a bunch of postcards by the Dutch artist Vermeer.


I was looking up some info by Vermeer and I read this news article:A Vermeer at the National Gallery of Art Loses Its Attribution –

A piece of the article:

One of four Vermeer paintings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. has had its attribution stripped, museum experts revealed Friday, settling a decades-long debate over its author while also raising new questions about the Dutch master’s life.

Girl with a Flute was not painted by Johannes Vermeer, however historians shared at a news conference that it was painted by someone with a profound understanding of Vermeer’s techniques, challenging the notion that Vermeer worked alone.

I thought this was funny, have any of the postcards you received or send make the news?


That’s interesting!
I don’t think I have such postcard, but I guess your postcard is even more special now!


I had a postcard of Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel, which was in the news a few times. Its parent company was in £300,000,000 of debt in the early 2000s so the hotel closed until it was re-opened in 2012 with a surge of investment, then in 2020 the hotel closed as it was in £2,300,000 of debt!

It was the first ever country house hotel so quite significant to lose it!

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Climate activists targeted a Vincent van Gogh painting. The sunflowers in a vase, I have this card… And so another card has made the news indirectly.