Postcards that aren't related to local attractions

I just started and I want to send aesthetically decorated postcards (Stickers, washi tapes) that have nothing to do with local attractions. Is it possible to do that?


Yes, you can send all kinnds of cards. Some members like view cards/touristic cards, others don’t. That’s personal taste.

Just send the cards you have available and if someone is interested in local attractions, you could write about it.


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Whether you decorate a card or not is up to you. Some people will appreciate it, others may not care or may not like it, but it’s your card so do what pleases you.

Some people’s profiles welcome decorated cards so you can find hints that way as to what might be appreciated, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just have fun & do what you want to do okay?

Sending postcards is fun so do what makes it the most fun for you! Enjoy!


According to postcrossing rules it’s completely up to you which card you send, and if you decorate it or not. There is only one thing you HAVE TO do: when you have got an adress, you have to send a card to this adress. ANY card.

I always try to find a card the receiver might like. But this is my decision. I enjoy very much trying to chose the “right” card for the person behind the profile. Sometimes, however, I do not have a card according to the receiver’s interest, or the receiver has not filled out a profile. Then I send a random card.


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