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This is not technically the proper place to throw this questions out there…but I couldn’t find a more fitting place to do so…
So here goes…
I am in the market for a good printer, one that potentially could print photos and postcardsoccassionally. The one I have now is in the $100 range but it just eats ink for breakfast and the print quality is not great. Is there any printer that anyone knows of that is for the residential market that is capable of such things? Or is this more or less you have to get them printed from a professional printer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and feel free to direct me to a different section if this is not a good place for this question.

I have an Epson eco-tank printer that is much more efficient with ink. It is about $200 USD, however I have had very good luck with it and the ink is cheaper because it lasts much longer. I use it to print regular documents as well as post cards. (I purchase blank post cards from Amazon and then print images onto them).

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I use the Epson XP 6000. Bought it at best buy.

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Ooo. Reviving this topic because I, too, am in the market for a new printer.

If both cost and quality are significant, look for a postcard printing machine with ink carts that can be adjusted for refilling with aftermarket inks. We bought a Canon Pro-100 camera and then went online to buy some used carts and a chip resetter. We refilled them with a well-known aftermarket ink package with custom icc profiles after I took the time to mod, flush, and dry them. The imaging is incredible. In terms of paper, you’ll simply have to determine what looks best to you. You’ll also need to decide how thin of a paper you’re comfortable using, particularly for a postcard. Perhaps look at what Red River has on closeout? P.S. The 100 is, yes, a TANK. Make sure you know what size printer you have on hand.

Thanks is that I will check it out and thanks for the tips everyone. This is a decision I have been mulling over for months now and haven’t felt confident enough to make the decision to buy! Would be nice if you could see in real life how things turn out because it always look fabulous on the box or website!!
Ahh.the tough life of a postcrosser!!