Postcards of Royalty

When I started postcrossing, I promised myself that I would never buy any postcards of the royal family. Well! That promise didn’t last long. I’ve bought lots since because I realised how many postcrossers enjoy this type of postcard.

I’ve done a search, and couldn’t find a thread where we can share our royal family postcards, hence this thread. Please share postcards, official or otherwise, of any members of any royal families from anywhere around the world.

I’ll start off with one of my favourite postcards of Queen Elizabeth II, because it’s such a quirky picture. Not a typical royal portrait at all.


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I love this card of the Queen. I bet those people above her had no idea that she was standing below them. I have several postcards of the Queen. I love receiving postcards of royalty. I’m sure the recipient of this card must have enjoyed receiving it.

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I made the same promise, mainly because we are a republic and don’t have royalities. But then I was on a trip in Sweden and just couldn’t help buying a couple of cards with the royal family of Sweden, because I had noticed people want postcards with royal family members.


I can’t imagine I’ll ever intentionally buy Royals cards (no matter how much other Postcrossers like them :sweat_smile:) but I end up with some from bulk lots and the quarterly sets I get of all AusPost maxicard releases. This is one I sent recently and actually think is quite beautiful:

The back of this card says the corgi pictured is named Susan! The recipient had a corgi, too.


I admit that I am always surprised when I am reading the profile of some Postcrossers who are living in a republic and who wish to receive postcards about the royal families. The Belgian royal family is less fashionable than some of them. But it is ok to me.

Here is

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a postcard was printed with Queen Elizabeth II and Baudouin I :

I would like to add this one too : BE-201452

This is a picture of Marie-José of Belgium. She was the daughter of Albert I and Elizabeth. She was queen of Italy for a short time. Her son has just passed away.

At least, I have received this portrait of a little German princess who was born in the end of the XIXe century. Her life was really short, as you can realise by reading her biography on Wikipedia (Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (1895–1903) - Wikipedia).


My favourite postcards to send & receive, just a few officially but many more through forum tags, RR & swaps x


I sent this one that arrived just a few days ago, featuring Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee

This fun jumbo/oversized die-cut shaped postcard also featuring Queen Elizabeth II

And this one, a photo of John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana during an event at the White House in 1985.


I’ve sent a couple of royal family maxicards from Australia.

I thought I’d sent more…but they must have been forum swaps, because I can’t find them on my wall!


And some of the cards I’ve sent for Tags, RR’s & swaps…



‘Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom’, Andy Warhol, 1985


I sent this one of the late Queen Mum:

Prince Edward and Sophie for their wedding. Now Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh:

And Prince Charles and Lady Diana, for their wedding:


I have received a card of King of Norway:


Two more Queen Mum postcards that I sent:

And Queen Victoria:


I’ve just received a royalty postcard from UK. This was the one of 2015 “Long to Reign Over Us” series, issued for commemoration of the longest reigning of HM Queen Elizabeth II over HM Queen Victoria.

Sometimes I send the royalty postcards to some postcrossers who are interested in, or send them for some special royal-related occasions. Because I have some Thailand royalty postcards from the old printing or some issued stamps issued by Thailand Post.

This is some of my sent royalty postcards:

Former Emperor Akihito of Japan (as the Crown Prince) and HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great of Thailand during the royal visit in Thailand in 1964.

Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands and HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great and HM Queen Sirikit, Queen Mother during the royal visit in Thailand in 1963


I have the following postcards among my favorites, and totally love them. :star_struck:


I received this postcard of Peter the Great of Russia:

And a Russian princess:

Another picture of the same princess - she was really beautiful.


Has anyone come across a postcard of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (I don’t mean Harry and Megan, as they are sometimes facetiously referred to in the US), but the original former King and Mrs. Simpson?


Good question, and no. I wonder if there are any?