Postcards of politicians

Hello people,

I hope this is the right place to post about what I have just thought about. I have just seen a card of Mr. Putin sent from someone in Canada to a female in Germany whose profile stated that not really willing to send to Russia but also states that she has to due to the community guidelines.

Under the photo of Mr. Putin, it was typed in English, “War Criminal.”

I personally am actually rather neutral about the war in Russia and Ukraine. So, now here comes my question :

Is such card even allowed to be shown on Postcrossing ??

Thank you all for your viewpoints in advanced. It can be hard for me to type much lately, so I may not be able to answer you soon but I try to.

Please, let us respect each other’s viewpoints in this thread.


I always try to send a card, of which I’ll think it will make the other person happy, within the range of cards I have. I don’t see a role for postcrossing or others to interfere with this. (If someone sends abusive cards, I feel like postcrossing should take a look at that. However I don’t think this happens.)

Now the card from your example: the person in question mentioned he or she hates the war. A card is send with Putin that says war criminal, I’m sure the receipent will be happy with that card. Who are we to invade the happiness of the other person?

Politicians are public figures and in my language we say: ‘Hoge bomen vangen veel wind.’ Translated: ‘Large trees catch a lot of wind.’

It means people like politicians but also other people in the public sphere, like a football coach, can get a lot of criticism or hate or whatever.

It’s part of being a public figure. Maybe it’s a western thing I do not know, but I do not feel postcrossing should intervene here or ban such cards.

It would be more interesting to ask the question: when should postcrossing interfere and in what way? I’m curious to this.


In late July there was already a similar discussion about it in other part of the forum and Postcrossing allows such card (even when it contains curse word)

I’m not a fan of such card :sweat_smile: , but I’m ok about it being allowed in postcrossing especially when it’s sent to the person who likes it or has similar view


Hello! @Boeboe in Netherlands and @catchycat in Indonesia
I got your viewpoints, thank you very much for sharing!

Now, I am curious what would the people in Eastern Europe, for example, think about my post above ? Or anyone else is welcomed to comment here.

Unfortunately the nature of postcrossing you cannot control the actions of others or whats been sent to you in the post that’s the nature of this game.

An example back in 2018 one day I was registering a few postcards and I was having a bit of an off day. So I didn’t send my usual messages thanking the people for their cards. After registering a certain card I get an extremely snarky message from the person in question calling me names. I just ignore them and was like whatever in all fairness. Didn’t they not have nothing else better to be doing now.

I didn’t report thier comments and I didn’t bother complaining about it.


As long as it is not forbidden, it is allowed. And I cannot see, that the guidelines forbid pictures of politicians or the words “war criminals”. But I would delete that picture if I was the recipient, for I would not like to have that dude on my wall, even not with “war criminal”.


@lastIrishman and @RalfH
Thank you very much for sharing your viewpoints!

Anyone else with the same or different viewpoints ?

@Boeboe “Large Trees Catch a Lot of Wind” Interesting have to remember that.


I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it wasn’t meant to offend the recipient of the card. This was sent between two people who share a political view, and connected over it.


I have no issues with such cards, as there have been also similar ones about Trump. One of them got even over 200 likes. So why not?


I think it’s fine as long as the recipient would appreciate it. I know some people would want to have a signed postcards of politicians, including dictators.

To answer your question, yes the card is allowed to be posted on Postcrossing. After all they do allow nudity and other offensive images so why would they not permit this one?

Thank you everyone for your viewpoints!
I noticed there is no comment from the members in Russia for example in this thread.

I wonder if it would even be a taboo for them to express publicly about such a card image especially during a war time like now?

It’s not a taboo, but I don’t know what exactly do you want to hear from Russian members.
Is such card allowed in postcrossing? Obviously yes.
Would I want to receive it? No.
Would I send such card? Never. I can’t even imagine me sending postcard with Hitler / Biden / Johnson / anybody and a text like you mentioned. It’s just gross.


Probably off topic, but here in Ukraine people made stickers with gratitude to a political figure. “Ukraine will be free”, “You are not refugees, you are our guests”, “Thank you for bayraktar”.



Thank you for your viewpoints! So, you think it is absolutely okay, I see. I am just interested to read viewpoints from both sides, yes or no.

No, I don’t think it’s absolutely okay. I don’t like that it’s allowed.
But it is as it is.

Thank you again! Now I got what you mean.

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I like using (Dutch international) stamps celebrating the International Court of Justice’s birthday when sending cards to Russia…
So normal cards, but stamps with a subtle message…


I have seen that card and didn’t find it offensive. But I would not like to receive such a card. I think you understand the reasons.