Postcards of everyday life in Singapore?

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if Postcrossers and foreigners would find the topic of everyday life in Singapore an interesting postcard series? Most postcards typically showcase iconic sights (and can be a bit touristy and cheesy), but not the ordinary things about living in Singapore. A postcard series on this could offer a unique glimpse of the lesser-known things about the city-state. I’ve included some examples in the pictures below.

Let me know what you guys think!
Edit: Apologies for the repeats


Could be very interesting I think! I personally like the pay phone one a lot!

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Well, I came across several profiles where they asked for cards showing everyday life.


I like the exercise corner, lift lobby, police camera, pay phones, and coffee shop altar. Are you thinking of publishing?

The first rule of postcrossing: there’s a user for any kind of card. And I mean any kind.
Second rule: see first rule.

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I really love this kind of cards! Especially if there is something related either written or printed on the back to bring even more depth. The numbers 4 (disposal bin), 9 (police surveillance) and 22 (bicycles) looks so interesting and I would love to receive them.

So true! :joy:


I like those a lot! I feel like that’s a very interesting take on postcards. Sure city views, landscapes and such are nice but this is kinda cool! I especially liked the fruit stands. And another thing do people use those pay phones often out there? I have seen very few pay phones in my life. We used to have at a store near by but some guy got angry and broke it. For years it stood there broken until they finally got rid of it. The funny thing is there’s still a sign that say, “phone” above it

I am, yes. Ultimately with the intention to sell. Exploring all the possible angles I can cover about living in Singapore. I was looking at the pix and had doubts - wasn’t sure if it was too prosaic.

Yes that’s exactly it. Nobody uses the pay phones at all. They just sit there looking sad and abandoned.I believe you can use them to call overseas, cos there’s like a sign indicating prices for different countries

Well that’s sad lol. I was slightly confused about them honestly I understand the basic way they work but have never used one because when I was very little (3-5) my parents have flip phones. But that was ages ago lol

I love these–all of them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that even the most mundane details of everyday life in a different country can be fascinating (at least to me!).

What’s especially interesting to me is the sender’s experience with the place or object pictured, e.g. “This is the lift lobby at a dentist’s office where my cousin used to work,” or “I once saw a couple of crows eating a discarded satay at this exercise corner and for some reason I thought it was funny,” or “I once saw a man walking while looking at his phone, and he tripped over the apples at this coffee shop altar, and everyone had a good laugh about it.” That kind of minutia makes my heart sing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@PinkNoodle damn you raised a really good point there. A story behind the picture! I kept feeling something was missing.

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I think this is a great idea! I like them all, especially the beer bottles, payphones, and coffee shop altar.


These would make great postcards. I especially like the ones with a splash of color (red) in them.

I’m always interested how life in other countries is “same-but-different”: housing, food, transportation, the things we think are the same but we don’t know are actually very different until we travel.

As for me, I hope you will take pictures of the “No Durians” signs :smiley:

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I’m going to be the party pooper here. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy any of these.

I ask for and get a lot of joy out of people’s photo cards, but I prefer ones where they have taken a picture of something they feel needs to be shared with the world because they think it’s pretty, or very special to them, or their beloved pet, etc. Not a random tree-lined street (which are everywhere, really), but a particularly spectacular tree-lined street or the street where their grandma lived. You get the idea.

It is also a fact that most people are simply not very good photographers and personally I don’t think these are very good photos.

But of course I wouldn’t have a problem receiving any of these as a photo card from the person who took the picture. Half the fun of photo cards is sometimes seeing what someone else thinks is interesting but which I find totally boring. And maybe they have a great story about whatever is pictured which makes the card wonderful even if the picture isn’t.

I would question the sender’s taste and sensibility though if they bought one of these from someone else and then sent it. Which seems to be what we are talking about here.

Ok thanks much for your view