Postcards made out of LEGO

I’ve heard about lots of different types of postcard during my time postcrossing… rectangular, shaped, 2D, 3D, cardboard, wooden, metal - the list goes on. But I’ve never seen a postcard made out of LEGO… until now!

I’m not sure you’d actually want to send them through the post (those little flags at the top of the first 3 look far too delicate not to fall off during the journey) but they are very cool!


I agree - these are not meant for mailing!

I think they are using the “postcard” label to let you know the size and that it will fit fairly flat up against a wall. I can almost guarantee if you sent it through the US Postal Service it would come out in almost as many pieces as you started with - before putting it together!


They’re not postcards. They’re really cool toys resembling postcards.
Like, a painting, a photograph or a sculpture of a postcard would represent a postcard, but wouldn’t be one.

Great find though, I really like them, and it would make a great addition next to anyone’s postcard collection.

Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! That’s so cool!
I have received two wooden postcards. One of them was super thick and cracked in half during transit, but the thinner one was put in an envelope and came in one piece! I’ve also received a postcard made of cardboard, and it was printed that way for environmental sustainability.

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Some of them are fantastic like the London and New York sets. I had a look at the Australian one and it is pitiful. No opera house or Ayres Rock! They are an interesting product for lego and postcard fans!

I hope they would make something like the message in bottle -style, that the LEGO postcard would be protected by clear outer shell :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I know that would require so much planning to get it flat enough and strong enough shell.

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Fantastic cards)))

While browsing for the Chinese Lunar New Year 2024 sets on LEGO website.

I found these postcards created by LEGO!

My favourite is London because the Clock Tower is so cool! But New York is also very nice with the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center and Empire State Building.

Beijing is also pretty with the Great Wall of China (remind me of the Super Mario game world).

And Japan with the castle, Japanese garden landscape (cherry blossom) and also the beautiful Mt. Fuji in the background.

I like that they also include sign written in their official language. E.g. Beijing comes in Chinese and Japan in Japanese.

I wonder which country will be added into this series next?