Postcards From Your Travels

Does anyone else like to buy postcards on their travels? How about having a postcard wall of where you’ve been? I would love to see photos of a postcard travel wall!

Recently, I’ve visited 25 US National Parks (not including monuments) on road trips. Where available, I bought postcards for myself and then some extra to swap. It’s even more special when I can get the hand cancellation to mark the date I visited.

I have postcards from other places I’ve visited, but I think my favorite collection would have to be of the US National Parks. Even my friends who aren’t into mail or postcards have their postcard travel walls, so I think it might be a popular idea.

I don’t have a wall yet, but here are a few that I’ve collected. I tend to buy travel poster styles the most (like from Andersen Design Group or Lantern Press) and then some photo ones if they’re nicely designed. Most of them are in a box waiting for me to better organize and display them. :sweat_smile:


Oh yes I buy postcards wherever I go! One for me, two to send! I used to buy just one to send but soon I realized I wasn’t sending them because I wanted to keep them for the memories. :slightly_smiling_face:
Doesn’t matter where I go I look for postcards. Even day trips I look for post cards. Sometimes it’s quite the adventure finding postcards!
Haven’t done a postcard wall though. My organization hasn’t stretched that far.


Oh, yes, yes, yes! I love to buy postcards on my travels. But I don’t have a postcard wall… I have a postcard drawer. :crazy_face:

Some of my favorites are from a trip to Shanghai, beautiful drawings of local scenes. And I have about a half-kilo (um, yes, not a typo) of postcards from almost every museum in London. I really enjoy going through them and remembering the trips and the sights, especially now when the pandemic prevents travel.

It makes me happy when I draw a profile that likes cards from your travels, because I can pick a nice one with happy memories. Here are some of my favorite travel cards I’ve sent:


Yes. I started by sending postcards to family members and friends while traveling. Then I would send one or two to myself or my husband. From there once I joined Postcrossing I would use travel mode also and buy postcards for myself and duplicates to send through Postcrossing when I got home. Postcard shopping can be very addictive and if you buy a lot can add weight if you are traveling via plane :airplane: I don’t have a wall…yet
At present they are in boxes or drawers in a few different places around the house :house_with_garden: I need to organised. Thank you for starting this conversation and inspiring me :+1:


What cool cards!
I send cards to whomever has traveled with me - so my daughters, niece, nephew, and stepdaughter usually get cards, in addition to sending to the usual suspects like friends and parents and in laws. Sometimes I send them years later saying “Remember when we…”


I don’t travel that much, but yes, I do buy lots of cards when I travel. When I visited Portugal, I purchased a fair number of cards. Some I wrote a message on, stamped and mailed to myself. Concerning National Parks, I have a very large number here that I have accumulated over the years. Recently, I ordered about 1000 viewcards from my wholesale source; including a good number of National Parks.


Here are some I found. I don’t know where the rest are… :sweat_smile:
Rome :it:

Milan :it:

Bergamo :it:

Vatican :vatican_city:

St Petersburg :ru:

Cambridge :uk:

London :uk:

Isle of Man :isle_of_man:

Guadalajara :mexico:

New Zealand :new_zealand:


I did buy cards when I still traveled! Used to do it a lot, but during the past couple of years I stopped enjoying it and haven’t really been interested on traveling since (just doing roadtrips and train travels in area nearby nowadays). I am actually very disappointed on myself that I never, NEVER, thought about actually mailing the cards to myself. Yes, I did get blank cards, yes I did buy an extra stamp to place on my journal… and then the thought ended there and I never put the stamp and card together… I am not the smartest one.

Anyway, I have framed most of the cards I bought from travels. Some didn’t fit in, and there are places I didn’t find cards from. Some locations I have managed to fill in later when friendly postcrossers have sent me cards from the towns I visited :slight_smile:

I think I have posted these pics before too so they might be familiar to some, but here they are again!

Excuse the ugly walls…

I love the travel poster styled ones! I have few of those framed too, but in larger A4 sizes, so I guess they are not exactly postcards…


Thank you for this topic! I re-read my travel journals, so it took me a while to post! I send postcards to myself then use photo corners to secure them in the journal, so I can take them out and re-read them.

I sent this one to my Grandfather in 1994 and found it in his book after he passed away. In the message I proudly told him I had walked every street on the map! Thanks @marupiter for the walk down memory lane!


I also do buy postcards of every place I visit. Always too many of them. Sometimes I now send a card to myself. For example if this is a great card for my collection or a card from a country I do not yet have cards from as I collect all my cards wiritten and stamped from the place they are from.


I do that too! Even if it’s just the neighbor city. I used to by postcards to sent and some for myself to keep (signed with the date on the back) but I think I’ll send some to myself in the future or at least write something on the back. Until now it’s only blank.

I organize the postcards with Maps:

There I have layers with locations where I have been and also postcards I received


So much this! I have a big box of postcards from traveling (and just whenever I saw one I liked :wink:), they’re kept in chronological order so it’s kind of like a scrapbook. And I’ve sent many more cards to various friends and family members. But I never thought to send to myself. I’m taking a short road trip next month, it’s never to late to start, right?


I used to travel a lot before this horrible Covid period.
I bought and sent cards to my postcrossing friends especially when the place was a Unesco WHS and I knew they collected that kind of cards.

I have a card of each town/country I visited in my life. That’s a collection full of great memories and I keep them in a special box spending time over them!


I don’t funny enough haha. For me I just like taking pictures of places and uploading to a drive somewhere. I do enjoy buying postcards and then sending them over to a friend if they request them (Since I have friends who collect postcards)

It seems like a good idea I guess at this stage in my life I try not to create more things to hoard (I am living overseas and not sure if settling down) and honestly I never thought to send a postcard to myself during travels until recently. The idea of giving just seems like fun!

I love when the NP has the stamps out for you to DIY. I find that cancellations on the postcards are a great touch, and my friends who enjoy receiving postcards find them extra special. I hadn’t thought of using those cards for PC, honestly I didn’t think anyone else would be into them!

When I travel I try to send my daughter either a postcard or an envelope every day. I write a short note about what I did that day and include a ticket or brochure or something.

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I always buy postcards or magnets on my road trips and display them on my fridge. I buy more postcards to send also. The stamps in national parks are fun, I mark the postcards too.


What a beautiful, fun, fridge! I imagine it’s a fantastic reminder every time you walk past it :slight_smile:

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