Postcards from USA - when sender posts a postcard depicting another state

Hello! I am very curious to get input regarding how fellow postcrossers feel about receiving a postcard from the USA, specifically if the US sender chooses a postcard that depicts a state that is not where they reside. The US is rather large, but we are also broken up into 50 states plus territories that, by the looks of it, fascinates Postcrossers into collecting individual state cards (which I find pretty neat!..and which is what is making me rather curious).

For example, I am from - and live in - California; I usually get postcard boxed sets depicting the US National Parks. California only has 9 national parks of the 63 across the US. So I end up sending cards of, say, Acadia National Park (Maine…totally across the country). Some I have been to, others not.

I know that no one should ever be picky about what they expect to receive when they participate in Postcrossing (per the guidelines), but I am still quite curious to see how people feel about it. I’m also rather curious to know what others have to say about the state system.


I’m interested to see responses to this. I send postcards representing my US state only so far, but I just ordered map postcards from a local artist depicting other states as well and am not sure about sending as officials. I wouldn’t hesitate to offer for forum swaps and acknowledging that they wouldn’t be sent from state of origin, but they would still be sent from the USA.

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I prefer to get a card from the state of the sender, but I think it’s fine to send other state cards. Postcrossing is set up by countries, not states or provinces.

I send cards from all parts of Canada, not just my current city or province.


I feel like it is fine to get a card from a different state! No problem at all!
As another such example, I live in India but not near the Taj Mahal. However, the Taj Mahal is so iconic that I sometimes send postcards of it. I hope that people would be okay with that even though it is nowhere near where I live! When I send a card from a different region, I just note it in the text, like, “here is an example of a beach in southern India.”


I wouldn’t mind at all. Of course it’s always nice if the sender has some connection to the place they send a card of, but that’s just the cherry on top. One of my very first cards, I forget the sender’s country now, possibly The Netherlands, sent me a card rhey’d bought in The Faroe Islands on vacation with their son. I was a little surprised at first but loved it.


I definitely don’t mind if Texas card is sent from New York. This is my opinion as non collector postcrosser who doesn’t collect cards specifically need to be sent from the same place (state level, city level). As long as it’s sent from USA :us: (the ID is for country not state)

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia but I sent many cards showing different provinces. Postcrossers in general don’t mind it, as long as it’s sent from original country

It’s a different story if it’s direct swap :wink:


I am speaking purely out of my own experience and opinions, but I think most of people outside of US that are not specifically interested on US on someway, are not really thinking of states that much. It is just USA, and because pretty much of every country has somekind of provinces, counties, etc so they are simply comparing the states in US to whatever they call specific areas at home. I have very little connection to the US and I can honestly say I can probably name only like maybe 20 states if I get thinking time and I am forgiven for doubting the existence of Mississippi and having crisis over not being sure how Arkansas and Kansas are pronounced, and I can place on map like only Texas, Florida, California and Maine so there we go.

However, the people who have more knowledge and interester or/and are collecting state cards probably will appreciate if the card is sent from the correct state. I would compare it to the sending a tourist card from the right country case. So most of people will not mind at all. At least I wouldn’t.


I enjoy receiving cards regardless of origin with a few preferences ( such as state cards like Lou Paper for example, but it’s not a major issue for me. For those who do care, just a simple statement that they prefer cards from origin should clarify. I do try to have a
connection or wish about a card I send though, whether it’s a different state or country.


The first time I got a postcard from a different state from where the person lived I was a little disappointed, but when I thought about why I was disappointed I realized I was maybe being a bit picky. When I remembered this is about connecting not collecting, then I became more flexible. The journey is more important than the where something comes from. So now I actually love getting postcards from wherever the person has travelled or wherever they want to send from.

Sometimes requesters will have on their post that they like certain places like New York. I’m from Canada but I have some US postcards, so I will send them one of those postcards if someone specifically wants it. Otherwise I’ll just send according to their interests or what I have.


I don’t care really. Most times, I won’t even know the state where the card came from. If I were to use the same logic for myself, India has 29 states and 95% of the cards that I send, don’t belong to my state :).

Also, if I were to send cards only of the places that I visited then I won’t be able to send most of the cards as I haven’t travelled much even within India. I just want to send something nice, so mostly Indian view card/culture/festivals.

But, some ask for cards about movies (HP, GoT, Star Wars) and I send those as well. None of those has any connection to India :wink: :wink:


I wouldn’t mind. I don’t even keep track of which US states/territories I have/haven’t received postcards from :smiley:

I send cards from other parts of the USA, but only if I have been there, or can show a connection to the place. I would feel a bit awkward sending, say, a picture of the Grand Canyon, where I’ve never been.


Receiving any postcard from anywhere is great !
This said,

  • receiving a postcard of Idaho from a New-Yorker is great,
  • while receiving a card of NY from a person living in Idaho let’s me think i was a bit unlucky (because Idaho is rare and NY is common).

Hello !

I’m from France and I’m collecting both US National parks postcards and Lou Paper states cards.
I only request for the second ones to be sent from state of origin. For the NP, I don’t even care receiving them from another country, as I don’t feel bad sending somes too.

I never thought about why. But now I do, I may have some answers. I guess it’s about feelings :

I guess every one may have a natural area near, and every one is able to love this nature. So I guess that anyone is able to understand the feeling we can have while sharing about National parks.

I also assume that NP are touristic places and are visited by so many people from all around the world, they are more “universal”.

But for the states themselves, to me it’s more a way of living. It’s specific symbols, and I like knowing the fact that the sender live with all these symbols.

But this reflexion can be wrong, for example if a person has grown in a state and newly moved in another state. In this case, I’d rather receive a card of the state the person knows better… But it’s getting way more complicated, and sharing postcards doesn’t have to be so.

And that’s why, I will NEVER be disappointed while receiving a card from the “wrong” state. Finally I guess it’s only to spice up the game :relaxed:


So many replies in the half hour that I started this topic! Thanks to all the responses so far!

I would say I generally do this as well, but when it comes to boxed sets, it’s pretty unevitable. The sets allow me to save some money, especially with all the postage increases year by year.

Interesting take!

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I try to have some sort of connection to the cards I send as well, however tenous. :smiley: Especially with places
But a little friendly note in your profile what you prefer is a good idea, I may add that. Already have one about liking handmade cards

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In that case, be honest “I have not visited here (yet), but it’s another beautiful part of my country.”


I used to write that, but lately I have omitted this (not always, though) because, since space is always a commodity on a postcard, I prefer to write other things instead. On occasion - or space permitting, I still make a note stating, to a similar effect, what you said.


I wouldn’t mind at all. I live in England but recently visited Scotland so have a bunch of Scottish cards in my stash now. If I send one I’ll tell the person about the fabulous trip to Edinburgh for my birthday. If you send a card of a state you haven’t been to I’m sure you can say something about it - it is part of your country. I Postcross because I love the messages on the card so I’d only be annoyed if you just wrote “Happy Postcrossing”! :rofl:


The thing about Lou Paper states is that Americans move around often, and some states are rare. It’s possible that someone now living in New York was originally from South Dakota, but you say you don’t want that?

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