Postcards from the world

Hi, I teach geo-history in high school in Italy. With the 1st E we are exploring the cultures of the world and the ancient history of peoples, I would be very happy to surprise the students by bringing them postcards and letters from the world! Heartfelt thanks to anyone who wants to participate in this project by sending a letter to my 1st grade students where you describe an interesting aspect of your culture, your traditions, the history of your country, your national heroes and authors, the geography of places, of cities (if you want write something in your language)… everything you find interesting to share😍

:warning:I ask you the kindness to put the postcard inside an envelope so I don’t have to give my home address to the students :sweat_smile:


Ciao @Aras_ !
Greetings from Veneto! Are you also interested in getting postcards from Italy or only from other countries?

Could we send our postcards directly to your school?

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Hello, i would like to send a postcard to your students. Is it okay if i write a letter on a paper? (postcards are kinda small :sweat_smile: )
And what is the average age of your students?

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Hi dear, my students are in their first year of high school in Italy (14-15). Thanks again! It will be a special opportunity for my students to read your words (a letter it’s perfect!):bouquet:

Buongiorno, grazie mille! L’idea è nata per esplorare le culture del mondo ma credo che possa essere interessante per loro approfondire le diverse regioni d’Italia!

Causa covid ho preferito non far arrivare le cartoline e le lettere direttamente a scuola (in un periodo molto frenetico e impegnativo per la segreteria didattica) ma portarle io stessa in classe, spero vada bene😊

With all the respect you don’t want to share your address with your students but you have already shared it with everyone that entered in this post. Is better to send the address via message. I would like to send a postcard from Cyprus. I am interested to receive a postcard from your region back.

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Thank you very much I had never used the forum and I thought I had answered in private. Thanks for telling me !!

I’d be more than happy to send something from Australia. A great idea and I hope it all goes well for you.

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I would love to send a letter and a postcard to your students from the USA. I have a degree in history so I will try to find a postcard that reflects some history!

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Hello everyone, the letters are starting to arrive and my students are really happy and acknowledging!!! Especially in this difficult period for them it is very important to read from the world. I thank all of you again with all my heart for participating in this project!
Hoping you are well,

Hi @Aras_ i would like to send a postcard with a note inside, in English. Where’s the address? Also, a thank you note/postcard will be greater appreciated