Postcards From The Future


I’m not sure this is the right part of the forum for this, but I saw this article, Wish You
Were Here, Postcards From the Future and thought it might be of interest to some of you.



Wow, what a powerful way to capture, through postcards, how climate change is affecting us - thanks for sharing @anon61703781!

" For *Wish You Were Here* Sharlene and I invited some of the most visually-talented humans we know are thinking about climate change to lift their voices in a visual song, exalting beloved places and creatures to the people who may never know them. The collection is meant to presage their passing, to mourn them, to celebrate them while they remain… and, hopefully, to inspire changes of course in day-to-day living and in our policies and practices around fuel, energy, water, food, equity, community, and the other interlocking pieces of the climate upon which we depend for survival."

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Postcards from the Future;
Wish You Were Here?

Is now selling postcard sets!

I can’t tell if they ship internationally. I would love to receive one of these, if anyone in the UK is interested in a swap.