Postcards from Different Countries

I have a couple students who are very knowledgable and/or want to learn more about the world. I’m looking for postcards from about 20 different countries that show a view of the country (particularly capital cities or famous landmarks). It doesn’t necessarily have to be postmarked from that country! I would like to use these cards to motivate them in working on their goals with me and hopefully progress to the point where they can write back. If you are interested, please PM me.

I was bombarded by facts about all different countries and their capitals today during our session. I would love to give him his own set of cards!

If you could list if you would like to participate and what country your card will be showing, that would be great.


Hi Karen!
I could send one from my hometown, Graz (2nd largest town in Austria) if that would help.


Good morning from Japan Karen!
I can send one from Japan with it’s symbolic landmark, Tokyo Tower :wink:
Could you PM me you address and maybe name of students who shall I address to?
(Or I could write “Dear Students” so I can include everybody)



I can send a card from Wellington NZ with our cable car.

I’m Happy to send from Australia. PM sent

English please!

Hi, I’m 9 years old, I’m from Russia.
I can send you a postcard from Moscow with sights, I will also wait for an answer from you!

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I’m happy to send one from Sweden :sweden:

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DM me if you are interested for a postcard from Brunei :slight_smile:

Hi Karen,
I can send you a postcard from Berlin with a couple of famous buildings.
If you are interested, please give me your address and the name of the students.

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I can send you one from Kiev, Ukraine, if you send me your address.

Good Morning from Iowa,
I could send a vintage postcard showing an image
of Seoul, South Korea.
Happy to send a postcard!

I would like to participate from Japan.

I have received 3 cards at the school so far but they don’t have user names for me to easily thank! So I’ll report them here. Z is delighted to see he has cards but he has to earn them!

Karolina from Sweden
Isobel from Wellington, NZ
Paulien from Germany

Your cards have safely arrived.

Yeas please i send you postcard. Please send direction.

Hello. I can send a card from one of the UNESCO sites in Iran.


Hi @scoutingbear Karen, i would like to send postcards. What’s the address?
You have two sets of classes? If so i can send each group a postcard.

Hello! I can send from the UK if you’re still in need!

Здравствуйте, Карен. Если вам интересно могу отправить открытку из России.

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