Postcards from charities or foundations

Hello, friends =)
I was wondering if you knew about some charities or foundations that offered postcards (ideally with international shipping available) to support them.
I know about one which is located in Thailand; they rescue gibbons. However, they are not sending international mail at the moment due to COVID restrictions. So I would like to see if there is any other charity or foundation that I could support through the purchase of some postcards from their online shops.

Thanks a lot!

P.S.: Just in case, these are the Gibbon Postcards
I also found this one The Black Sheep, but I can’t find any information on international shipping.


Hi Renata - here are 3 community social & economic projects run by people in the community to raise money for their community in Mali, Ghana & Tanzania. Hundreds of Postcrossers have received cards from them for a small donation.

Check them out here:


Hi here in the U.K we’ve got Oxfam, not sure if they’ll ship to you, but take a look all the same. :slight_smile:


Through the Kickstarter topic on this forum I found
It supports several NGOs


Thank you all for your replies!

Do you know Danacards?
All their incomes are donated to charity projects.

4 Likes is shipping WW:

They sell postcards in collections of 8-9, each of them have a distinct topic and all profit is donated to an organization that corresponds to the topic.

So far they are focusing on human and animal rights.

Maybe this is something interesting to you.


This postcard e-shop is from Latvia. Typical postcards sending emotions
Here, profits are used to integrate people with disabilities into the labour market, as well as some postcards are created by people with disabilities (artists). If you buy a postcard who made a disabled person, 50% of profit from that postcard is received by the this artist.

Worldwide shipping!!!

They also support other social projects, create special postcard collections. Last year Collection “My Friend” supports animal shelter


This small farm sanctuary in Australia sells postcards to support themselves

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