Postcards for Preschoolers (Closed)

I am a Preschool Teacher at Batavia Covenant Preschool, in Batavia IL. I started this project with postcrossing several years ago as a way for the children to learn about the world we live in. It didn’t take long to realize it was much more about the people we share this world with. If you would like to become a pen pal with a preschooler or even just exchange a couple of postcard, please let me know. The first time our school did this project was about 9 years ago. Some students are still exchanging postcards and letters with a person they met doing this project.
Please let me know if you are interested and I will assign you a student’s name. All of my students are 4 and 5 years old. Someone will be helping them write to you. If you have a child that would like to write to one of my students, they are also welcome.

All postcards are sent to:

Batavia Covenant Preschool
Child’s name
1314 Main St.
Batavia, IL 60510

Thank you so very much


I would be interested in your wonderful project!

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i am in…marcus

Great! Thank you so much for willing to help with this wonderful project. :slight_smile: I will send you a message with the child’s name.

What a wonderful activity (and engaging them in writing young)! Please message me a name I’d love to participate. :blush:

Hey Heather,
what a wonderful project. I’m in.
Best wishes to y’all🍀

Hi Heather! I’ll gladly participate in this project

I’d love to join!

I’m in. Great idea I want a name please

I would be happy to take part again. I already took part in 2021 when Connie called for it. I had written to Oliver a few times until contact broke off. Unfortunately I never had his home address, only the address of the preschool. I would have liked to continue writing to him.
Please send me a name to restart.
It’s really a great thing.

I would like to send s child a postcard

So each child seems to have several pen pals in this project. Because I also wrote to Oliver in 2021 when Connie hosted this project. I wrote him a lot of cards and also would have loved to continue writing. I wrote to Connie after I was receiving no more cards from Oliver and she told me that he left pre school. She wanted to ask his family if it is possible to continue writing him (because I asked for it) but unfortunatelly I never got an answer.

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Hello! I would love to send a few postcards to a preschooler. I’m in Minnesota which I know isn’t all that far away so no problem if there are more interesting choices for the kids! -Emily

That’s a real shame, because I was told at the time that the children already see us as pen pals. However, this is only possible if you can write to yourself. But without an address? Maybe it will work better this time.
Have fun

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I still have 7 children that don’t have anyone to write to this year. Would anyone be interested in writing to another child? Please don’t feel like you have to. I just wanted to ask.

Thank you!

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Just send me names and I’ll send cards.

Hi, I would like to send a postcard, too.

I’ve gotten Harry. Sent it. I’ll take another name.

You can tell me a name of another child and I’ll get out another card next week

I can if you need another person!