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Hello everyone!
My name is Mira Aho and I am working as a Russian as a foreign language teacher in Finnish-Russian school of Eastern Finland. My students are in grade 5, 7 and 9 (age 12-16) and they are studying several foreign languages: Russian, English, Swedish and some students learn also Spanish. Some students of our school study Russian as a native language. I joined in Postcrossing two years ago and my student are really excited to sending and receiving postcards of this community.

I would love to start a project with another language teacher. It would be nice to send and receive mail from other students in same age (12-16). We could have letter or postcard exchange in different languages (Finnish, Russian, English, Swedish) and in different themes (my hobbies, favorite places, favourite food etc). The aim of project is to learn about other cultures and communication in foreign languages.

If you are interested, send me a message or e-mail (


С началом нового учебного года! Меня зовут Мира Ахо и я работаю учителем русского языка как иностранного в финско-русской школе Восточной Финляндии. Мои ученики учатся сейчас в 5, 7 и 9 классах (возраст с 12 до 16 лет). Они занимаются разными иностранными языками: русским, английским, шведским и некоторые даже испанским. В нашей школе учатся и двуязычные дети с родным языком русским. Я уже два года занимаюсь посткроссингом с моими учениками и мне было бы интересно начать новый проект с другой школой.

Я заинтересована начать проект с другим учителем иностранных языков. Моим ученикам было бы интересно отправить и получить почту от других ровесников (ученики возраста 12-16 лет). Нас интересует переписка на иностранных языках. Я думаю, что могли бы найти интересные темы для переписки (мои хобби, мои любимые места, мои любимые блюда и т.д.). Главная цель проекта - это знакомиться с другой культурой и быть в контакте с ровесниками на разных иностранных языках.

Если кто-нибудь заинтересовался таким проектом, со мной можно связаться по э-почту (

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PM sent…

Hello Daleth23!
We don´t need any postcards. We have a lot of them. The aim of my message was to find an another school or another language teacher with whom to start a new project.
Wish you all the best!

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Do you know e-twinning from the European Union? Check it out :wink: Maybe it‘s something for you?!

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I’m highly interested in your project and would like to know more details about it. My students are 15-16 years old from Taiwan and the number of students is around 60. We look forward to joining in this long-term project!

Hello Jialin!
Thank you for your message! We are also interested in a long-term project! We have 50 students in our 7-9th grades (age 13-15). Every student has also a personal e-mail so we would prefer exchange of letters by e-mail. I think the first letters could be just making new friendships. We could share a little about ourselves and ask you some questions and then you could write back to us. I hope every student could get the match (sending and receiving the letter). The first letters could be mailed to my school e-mail address (for example as printable attachments) and then given to my students. If you are still interested, write a message to my personal e-mail (gmail) and I will write you back.
I hope we could start a project with you!

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I send you the email and wait for your reply. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mira,
I’m an English teacher in a high school in Istanbul, Turkey. My students are so eager to do this activity, but I’m not sure if they can hold onto it as a long term activity, but they would love to post some postcards to the students there! If you are interested too we can exchange addresses!

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Please send adress to send