Postcard without ID

Don’t worry about the time being taken. It might be a day or two before they have time to look, but as @S_Tuulia says, it should be easy for them to find as you have the address.

How long it takes also depends on how much information you provide.

If I have the following informations, I personally always enter the name of the sender, the date of the postmark, the country of course and I upload a picture of the card.

Usually, it took between a few minutes and a few hours.

If no ID was found within 1-2 days, I would write to the support. Don’t forget that there could be a lot of ID requests, too.
Of course, there is also the possibility that it is not an official postcard but from someone who sent you an official card before.

If I’ve understood it correctly: When entering the request for help, it will go through a computer search first. Sometimes the ID is found during this search, when the computer is sure it has found the right ID. But other times, the computer isn’t able to figure out which of the postcards on your travelling list you’ve received. Then someone has to do a manual search to find the ID. Then it might take some time before the team can look at it. They might have other Postcrossing related things to do first, or they are busy with real life things like eating or sleeping…


Thanks for your reply. I gave the ID search service her full address (Not only city name but also street name and the number) , real name, and the date of postmark.
Anyway, it’s better to wait for a while.

Hi there,
I’v just got a post card from Russia, the name of the send, I think is Anna, age 27 and the name of the city I don’t understand, but it says “city mother of moscow”.
How do I registe this?

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Check previous discussions in here:

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Hi @Nidia

You can request help from the Postcrossing team to help you locate a missing ID.

To do so, simply visit the “register a postcard” page and click on the “request help” link (see below).

Another page will open where you can enter the information given on the postcard.

The Postcrossing team will then try to find out the ID of the postcard by checking the postcards which are on their way to you, and you normally receive a reply by e-mail after a few hours (after a few days if they have a lot to do at the moment).

I hope this helps :smiley:


Thank you!

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Hi! I just want to say that I received a postcard today with watermarks on the ID and name - Postcrossing was able to help me determine who it had come from so I was able to properly thank them. They are amazing!

Hello @Nidia
it could also be a direct swap postcard :slight_smile:
Did you gave a Postcrossing-member your address?

All the best


Thank you all. The problem was resolved with the team os postcrossing.
Kind Regards,

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I need help with this one. I received a postcard from an unknown sender. There is no name or postcard id. I am not sure what to do with it as I cannot thank the sender. It is from Germany and they said they live near Hamburg as they sent me a postcard with a view from Hamburg. Umm, there is no date whatsoever. No signature or name even. It arrived safely but, if this is from you, please do tell me.

I am sure this is an official postcard as I never made any swaps with anyone from Germany, yet.

This is the postcard:

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Hi Fayce, welcome to Postcrossing.

You can ask for help from the Postcrossing admin and they will find the card for you (if it is an official card).

Click on Register a Card. On the right, you’ll see the below message. Click on the link and then complete the form, and the admins will match the details to the cards that are travelling to you and let you know the ID.


Thank you :blush:

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i am received today one card…

but that postcrosser not mention her register number…

then how i register the card?

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You can fill in a help request here.

And just fill in as much as you can. The PC team can help you find it. :+1:t2:

On this subject though…are you sure it’s an official card, and not something for a forum lottery, tag or round robin?

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One can always find the Search for ID form on the Regist Postcard page.

thanks a lot…

postcrossing find the number and given to me…

i am happy now


I don’t know if there is already a thread about this or not. But have you ever received a card from someone and not know why?

I received this lovely card from Enrique. It doesn’t have an ID number or mention a tag or lottery. It does have an address but no username. Enrique, are you out there?

Maybe it is not from Postcrossing? I have had cards from other correspondents recenty and was trying to rationalize them in terms of ID number but then realised the context.