Postcard without ID

I received half a postcard today! I was going to use the function on the "register a card " page to get help finding the ID but the country is mandatory field. The half picture gives no clue as to the country, nor does the senders name. The stamps and postmark are missing.
Does anyone know how I can trace the ID without entering anything as the senders country?


Start filling in the Register A Postcard panel, and pretty soon a message will pop up asking if you want any help. At that point you can ask the website mods/admins using what information you do have, and since they know which cards are on their way to you, they will almost certainly be able to identify it from the registration number even without the country ID.


That’s the problem. When I trg to get help by this route, it won’t t let me submit the information that I have without a country.

Pressing submit just takes me straight back to the country field and there doesn’t seem to be a choice of ‘unknown’

OK, try this. At the top of the home page of the main website, there’s a line of drop down menus. Click on Help and you’ll see Contact.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 12.53.02

Fill in the resultant form and someone will help you. If they don’t, I’ll eat my hat. :rescue_worker_helmet:


…That is the same place where the form for missing IDs can be found, but you can choose to just send a message to the staff by choosing another route (e.g. “Other”). They should be able to help as they know what is on the way to you, but if you have a lot of cards on their way to you maybe it will be hard to know which one it is, without a country… But perhaps the information you have on the half-card might help the staff locate the right one - it looks like there is a name (of the sender) so that could help.


Thanks for the help received.
I used the Other button and the postcrossing team got back to me. They haven’t managed to solve the problem yet, but are still working on it!


@rovingalison If you are willing to post a photo here of the half picture, perhaps one of our Postcrossers may recognize the image and be able to provide a clue.


Hats off to Ana at Postcrossing! She’s cracked it from the message.
I’d love to tag her to record my thanks publicly. No idea how however


@rovingalison It may be Postcrossing’s own Ana, who is @meiadeleite :slight_smile:

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Guilty as charged! But it was actually a really fun mini-investigation in which I learned about settlements in the Netherlands named after Viking gods… so really, the pleasure was all mine! :smiley:


I’m glad this worked, I was wondering about it. :clap: :wave: :clap: :wave:

How long does it take to get a response? I submitted 2 days ago.

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For me the response from the postcrossing team was same day, but I would assume it depends on how busy they are.
@meiadeleite will be able to advise

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Sometimes it’s easy to figure out the ID. Other times it’s more difficult; maybe there’s more than one postcard travelling to you from that country for instance. Maybe there’s no name/username or city name mentioned on the postcard, making it more challenging to figure out the ID.
I can’t tell how long it takes before you get an answer, though.

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Thanks so much!

It’s usually fast but it can take up to a week, depending how busy Vicki (our master detective) is! We beg for your patience. :pray:


Ha! Learned something new today!

Even as a Dutchie :wink:

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Thanks so much for your reply! I feel so bad when this happens…they put their IDs so closed to the bottom where the post office usually puts their barcode. Just want them to know that their card arrived safely. Thanks again for all you do!

Then you might want to mention that when you register the postcard. Then the sender can learn from it and avoid doing the mistake again.

I plan to… this is not the first time this has happened to me.