Postcard Travel Time

Hi! This is my first time Postcrossing in India. I was wondering what the average travel time is and if there’s general trouble with postcards arriving internationally. I’ve sent several postcards domestically before and have had about 60% not reach. Any inputs are appreciated :))

P.s : Does anyone else wonder what happens to lost postcards??


To be honest, I’m worried about sending postcards to India. I sent a postcard to India for the first time and it has already been going for more than 60 days. for me, each postcard is a piece of me and my soul, and I worry whether it will reach the addressee or not.

My cards to India took between 9 and 336 days, but most of them needed about 20 days.

No, I do not wonder any longer about the fate of lost cards.

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Hi Nora! When you’re wondering about how long it’ll take for a postcard to travel from a certain country, it can be helpful to look at other members from that country — their lists of Sent Postcards will give you a general idea of travel times, and you can even filter these by destination country.

You can check the accounts of random members here: India in Postcrossing

I hope that helps!

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I received one card from India travelling 198 days, one 18 days and one 17 days.
My only send card to India is on its way - but long time ago expired. It’s on its journey for 301 days already … It’s a bit a pity because I’ve chosen a card with limited edition, that has been dear to me - and I thought it would fit well.

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I am Vijay from Pune India,
I had changed my address 4 month ago, but unfortunately I am not receiving any postcards, I checked personally by visiting 2 post offices nearby, but they said they have received no postcards so far.
To reduce further loss i changed my address again & asked postcrossing to register the postcards which are in travelling on old address.
to my shocker, 34 postcards were sent on that address & not a single postcard received to me. its been 60 days now.
I also crosschecked with the senders for the address & it was written correctly.
losing 34 postcards is very painful thing.
can anybody know what might gone wrong or has someone experienced the same thing?
Is there any way to track the postcards where it is stuck or any escalation process at India post?
(I checked India post website- there was no system to track lost postcrossing cards :frowning: )

The address on which I did not receive any postcard is as below

Varroc Engineering Limited (Lighting Division)
B14 MIDC Industrial Area, Mahalunge,
Chakan, Taluka Khed, Pune 410501

Hello Vijay,

The same thing has happened to me. I live in Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune and no postcards were being delivered. On enquiring with the Post Office they rudely told me that they deliver whatever they receive. I lost 3 postcards due to this.
Hence I changed my address to my Parent’s address and I have been receiving postcards regularly at that address.

Since these are not registered it is not possible to track them.

You can lodge a complaint at the below website with all the options selected as Others and mention the issue in the Description field.

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You can check the average travel time by checking the Stats of people who send postcards frequently.
For example Explore > Countries > India > (Click on anyone of those Most Active Members) > Stats > Voila!

I am pretty new to Postcrossing as well. I have 3 Postcards traveling to Russia and 1 to China that are nearing to get expired and I have to send one more to Russia today. I do not know if they would ever reach Russia or China.

They’ll do, but Russia and China usually take very long.

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Thank you salonee for the reply, it seems there is something wrong with overall working system of Pune post area
Philatelic activity is also not very encouraging in PCMC. I visited almost all post offices in the region including main one at Chinchwad, none of them was having info about postcrossing neither did they have any stamp collection, postcards for sale.
On other hand my native Belagavi GPO is having separate dept for philately and have great collections of postcards and stamps for sale. Staff is very helpful.
I will also change my address to my native place to receive the postcards

I sent a postcard and money order to one my friend in Pune and it was not delivered till I complained.

put a written complain to post master

Same was happening in Delhi in my area and I put postcard in the nearest box and showed the video, after that every card is now at my doorstep. Even meghdoot are coming.