Postcard to member with empty or very short profile?

Why would you assume that it might not be a language issue? Every English speaking country has millions of folks who are newer immigrants who are learning the language.

There are lots of reasons why people leave profiles blank if you read this thread. It’s not super common, but they are out there.


To answer your question: I have sent just over 200 official postcards and if I had to estimate, I’d say that maybe three or four of the profiles were empty. So about 2% empty profiles.
But that’s just one data point, so it doesn’t say much :woman_shrugging:t3::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I wrote today five official cards, two were empty profiles. One from USA. It happens quiet often.

I would also like to look like more into my data :nerd_face: to give a more exact answer.
I than just pull out a random card.

Following on from my original post about drawing the name and address of a new-ish member in Taiwan with no profile, the card I sent has now become expired. He/she has still only sent one card and hasn’t been active for three months so I guess it’s possible that the member has decided not to continue.


It happens on those new recruit sometimes.
Maybe they just don’t know or realize that they need something on their profile.
Just like many members do not have their avators.
This reminds me that I didn’t have my profile when I’ve just signed up.
And I copied someone’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well,if I drew a new guy I would prepare a lovely card.
Because the 1st card is always particular to us.


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I have come across this often of late and not all of the empty profiles are from newbies either! For newbies I send a nice, chatty card in the hope they realize when they register that they might like to add to their profile. For long time users I usually send a very generic postcard with a generic stamp and since they do not wish to communicate…they are the only ones that get a ‘happy postcrossing’ message.

I actually like it when there is a lot of choices given, as long as there is a ‘but I like any card sent’ provision. It gives me scope for finding something and I do want their postcard to be something they enjoy.


This is exactly what I’ve thought. I often additionally add a small tea bag if they would like. :slight_smile:

I just found it pretty easy to tell something about myself - and as you wrote - it is indeed much easier to send a card this person likes.

I’ll send a message :slightly_smiling_face:

A few months back I pulled an address with an empty Profil the person had only send 1-5 cards and no received. I send her a message saying it would be easier for people to choose a postcard she liked if her Profil had some content. A few days later I got a very happy message saying she had filed it out and hadn’t noticed the text wasn’t saved.


I was assigned my first empty-profile recipient last week! The individual is still fairly new and has only been active for about 2 months. I did what @Pangolee suggested, and chose a slightly oddball card. I mean - it’s a nice card, just a little unusual, and I hadn’t found the “perfect” recipient for it yet. IMO, iIf someone hasn’t seen fit to put any specific info up about themselves, I think that gives us free rein to send whatever we like… and maybe have a little fun with it :smiley:


At the end of November I draw a postcrosser with an empty profile which seemed to be a 3rd grade school class.
I picked a Christmas postcard, decorated it and send it off.
It arrived but the Hooray message was empty! No best wishes or even simple Christmas greetings. Nothing. That’s really frustrating!:triumph:

Anyone else?


Yes! Me!
I once wrote a postcard to a new member (2 sent/O received)
She registered my postcard in a pretty good time frame, but the hurray message had been empty as well.
All in all (with 116 sent now) this happened 3 times now. :frowning:
So about 2,6 % of all my sent cards got registered without a hurray message.

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Good to know. It was an American address, so no language barrier. And even if it was, thank you and merry Christmas aren’t that hard. I don’t expect people to send an elaborate hooray message about whether they liked or disliked my postcard.
But thank you is, imho, mandatory and shows good manners. Such profiles not only make you disappointed but might also lead to the fact that you won’t go through the putting-effort-in-it phase. :expressionless: At least, that would be my reaction.


I once also didn’t get a hurray message. But as this happened I got a nice thank you message back, because I left my adress on the back. And now it turned out as a lovely friendship. :slight_smile:

It also happened to me once, that I got an empty hurray message from an english native speaker (from the US). It kinda frustrated me. But this happens sometimes anyway in a life of a Postcrosser. I also didn’t expect, that everyone is going to treat me friendly.


So I decided to sit down to write a few Postcrossing cards today. The first profile selected for me had no picture, no profile description and had only sent two cards in their time here. I mean, I’ll send the card…but I’m also tempted not to.

Anyone else come across a profile so lacking in detail you wondered if the sending of the card was worth it?

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Some people take time to get into how Postcrossing works, so send the card & when you get a Hurray message, write them back & suggest the benefits of filling in their profile to them.


An empty profile is disappointing and I can understand that you don’t feel inspired. :neutral_face:

I try to see them as an opportunity to send and write whatever I’m in the mood - e.g. the last card I ordered, a song text… But sending a card is imperative, as you agreed to to do so when drawing the address.

Sometimes members with empty profiles write very nice hurray messages, sometimes the hurray is empty too… I try not to focus on it and carry on with the next card, because every member is free to do this hobby in their own fashion. :relieved: