Postcard talk (online) by Tom Jackson / Postcards from the past

Did you see this event organised by the postal museum? I’m seriously considering getting a ticket.

Tom Jackson: Postcard From The Past

10 June 2021 / 18:30 - 19:45
Virtual event

Part of ‘Wish You Were Here: 151 Years of the British Postcard’

Since 2016, Tom Jackson’s twitter feed, Postcard From The Past has been obligatory reading, receiving more than 13 million hits a month. For anyone with an interest in how we used to live, or in eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, these postcard messages on faded views are funny, illuminating and addictive.

In a talk illustrated with suspiciously blue skies, enormous good-luck cats and a squadron of one-eared donkeys, Tom Jackson will draw on his alarmingly huge collection of everyday postcards to present the oddest, funniest and most touching postcard messages.

Beyond the problem with Auntie Beryl’s legs, where Dad left his sunhat, or that time Kevin fell in the swimming pool, we’ll discover hidden messages, cries for help, threats and mysteries, and consider whether or not it’s too late to revive the art of postcard writing.


Thanks for sharing @AnjuschkaC - he did a talk with my local bookshop a while ago but I couldn’t go as it fell on the same evening as choir so I’d love to attend this!

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Well, I’ve booked a ticket now so hopefully it will be fun!

What did you think of the event @AnjuschkaC?

Yes I enjoyed it, it provided a nice background context to his twitter feed. The historical info was very interesting. And the comparison that postcards had a function like texts do now. I like numbers so I would have enjoyed some kind of analysis but I totally get that that’s not what he’s about.
How about you @candyflosscurls?
Now I need to investigate whether I can go and see this exhibition. At least there’s plenty of time still.