Postcard Swap, US to US

Hi everyone, I noticed my rescue cat Meows has lost a little weight, so I made her an appointment for this coming Friday to check her Kidney levels. She has had kidney disease for almost 6 years now- possibly longer. It was discovered when I rescued her after (what we assume) she had been dumped for a couple years. I’m a bit anxious/nervous for her results, that we will probably get next Monday. To help keep my mind off of it, I really need a distraction and would love to do some quick swaps.

I don’t have international stamps right now, so for the time being I will only be swapping within the US, I will be getting international stamps this coming weekend.

Here are my offers: Kaitlyn Carmack | Flickr

I am looking for:

Tea/coffee and snacks from your country
Cats, Illustrated or photo
Rabbits, Illustrated or photo
Plants and flowers, Grandiflora roses, Daisies
Cacti, Desert landscapes
Cute animals, illustrated or photo
Sea birds (Puffin’s, Penguins, Seagulls)
Unique illustrated and animated postcards
unique cars and racing
Japan and Shisa Dogs
Studio Ghibli


I hope Meows feels better!

I have a few Japanese UNESCOs and others to offer

message me if you see anything interesting. in the first album scroll down to the Japan section. I think they are all available, but needs to check.

take care!

Sending a PM.

I am also located in the U.S. and would love to send you a card! I hope that you get some answers for Meows’ issues and it helps her feel better as soon as possible!! I love cats and hope Meows gets better!

Here is my album. Let me know if you would like to swap for anything: Postcard Swap with Jen’s albums | Flickr

Here is the card that I like from your collection:

I will be happy to trade cards with you.

Sending a pm