Postcard size preference?

Do you have a particular postcard size to which you’re partial? Is there a size you hate to receive because it won’t fit in your storage system?

I’ve seen a few European users who seem to have a strong preference for A6-sized cards, approximately 4.1x5.8 inches, which are not readily available here.

This made me wonder if North Americans might have similar preferences for either a 4x6 card or a 4.25x5.5 card.

What are your thoughts?

No preference at all, a card is a card to me & what the message is & the image are most important, but I suspect you will get lots of opinions on this particularly issue from folks who use albums to store their postcards.

I wouldn’t be a Postcrosser without Zazzle cards & they are 4" X 5.5" which some don’t like because they are not an exact fit for their albums. Red Bubble are 4" X 6".


I prefer 4X6 or 10.5 X 15cm size cards. They fit my plastic sleeves perfectly without too much fuss. Some regions (The Balkans, Southeast Asia, etc.) seem to be larger sizes almost always. Odd-ball size cards I usually dispose of.

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@anon95027724, do you have a source for the holders for the cards of that size? And are those clear (so that one can see both front and back of the card?

I use three ring binder albums for my cards and I look for good clear holders for all cards that aren’t 4x6.

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I love all cards.

In fact, love them so much that I am trying to store them in such a way that I can see both front and back.

And it is not easy to find a good system. I am looking for it because I love all cards!


I put my cards in these plastic sleeves and then insert in photo boxes. There are multiple sellers on eBay that sell these sleeves. I don’t use sheets for 3-ring binders since I don’t use those, but they are available there also.

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I don’t have a preference for postcard sizes since I don’t restrict myself with a particular size of plastic sleeves. I think it’s easier to think up a storage system to accommodate all sizes rather than try to fit all the postcards into a rigid storage system.


I have no preference at all. I like all cards from the vintage 3.5" x 5.5" to standard size 4" x 6" to even the oversized ones which I have found vary in dimensions. I like the message that comes with the card more than the image on front. But the image is really what defines the postcard, more than the message as most people seek a particular “collection” such as 50 states, MOTW, Astronomy, etc. And many folks now send irregular “shaped” cards that are pretty interesting also. So I don’t care the size of the card at all.

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I prefer 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 so I can easily find frames or photo albums for them. 4 x 6 is the minimum size we are allowed to send from Canada without an envelope so I never buy anything smaller than that.

No preference on my end. I don’t have a proper storage system in place (how I wish I did, though!), just a few bins or boxes where they are neatly stored.

If a Postcrosser does request an A6 postcard size, I typically just try my best to send them a standard 3.75x6 or 4x6 postcard (basically what you find in postcard boxed sets) if I happen to have those at hand.