Postcard shopping internationally

I used to be a very timid international purchaser. Postcrossing has changed that…which I know may not necessarily be a good thing :grimacing:. But if you are reading this here in Oz…you know our postcard options are somewhat limited…

Since I started Postcrossing last year I have purchased postcards from lots of different countries. Places I’ve purchased from include Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Poland and Russia (before the war). Not to mention the postcards I have bought from Australia, largely through Etsy.

When I first buy from a new place overseas…I make it a small order…in my head always thinking…am I happy to possibly lose this much money…when/if the parcel fails to materialise!

I also think to myself…if it comes. It comes. And put no expectations on when that will be.

I’d like to say that as of today, ALL of my parcels have arrived! This is in the vicinity of 15 transactions now. And they’ve taken anywhere up to about four months to get here

I wanted to give a special shout-out to Happy Postcrossing in The Netherlands though…who not only charged me a very modest 3.99 Euro shipping fee…they managed to get the parcel to me in just SEVEN days (mind-blown!!)…and they decorated the envelope with a multitude of pretty stamps too!

I will most definitely be shopping with them again! :blush:


I don’t know if you’ve heard of Becs Vintage Post / Etsy Australia. She has lovely postcards and postage stamps. Plus her outgoing envelopes are beautiful!


I have shopped with Bec! I have some of her postcards, and I bought some older Aussie stamps from her too! :+1:t2::heart:

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She’s just fabulous!

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If you want to buy from India, I can suggest some nice online shops ( owned by my Postcrossing friends). The shipping cost won’t be more than 4 Aussie Dollars for 20 cards :wink: :wink:

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I’d be very interested in taking a look @snailmailermk!

I should add that the postcards I purchase overseas are boxset-type or generic theme-type postcards…and not country or region specific types (unless you count ‘Greetings From…Australia’…which I bought in Poland)!

If your friends supply a generic type of postcard, or an Australian-themed postcard, I’m keen to look! Thank you!

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I am afraid that most of the cards in their store are India specific. But, you can have a look

  1. Buy premium postcards from India. Shipping across the Globe.
    2.Products – Post Junction

Happy Friday !!

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Thank you!

I LOVE the India from above postcards! I would like to receive these!! :heart_eyes:

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You can directly place the order on the website. They ship internationally :slight_smile:

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